Newsletters > Issue #24: Your UX Team Needs a Design Technologist and ✨Supernova ✨: Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps

Your UX Team Needs a Design Technologist and ✨Supernova ✨: Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Issue #24: Your UX Team Needs a Design Technologist, and Supernova ✨: Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps

This week we’ve got 2 sets of 7 for you:

  • 7 from the publication
  • 7 for the toolbox

💥 7 from the publication

What’s hot from the publication this week:

1. Designing for a data-heavy platform

Tejas Bhatt runs us through a great case-study of the marketing automation platform, WebEngage, that operates out of Mumbai and US.

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2. Designing interactive experiences

Eder Rengifo talks the ‘what, when and how’ of interactive prototyping process.

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3. Designers are becoming the next CEOs

Yazin Akkawi shows us how design leadership has worked its way up to the CEO position.

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4. What do Variable Fonts mean for Web Developers?

Ricardo Magalhães asks what we can expect from a practical point of view when it comes to when it comes to variable fonts.

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5. Your UX Team Needs a Design Technologist. Here’s Why.

Moneta Ho Kushner talks about bridging the gap between design and development through the role of a design technologist.

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6. The modern designer’s paradox: explaining what we really do

Isabela Carvalho asks how we can explain to those outside our industry that design isn’t simply “drawing” interfaces?

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7. How Shazam’s UX Has Changed: Let’s do the time warp again!

Sean Hervo takes us through the timeline of Shazam – from how it first started as a retro SMS service to where it is today.

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🛠 7 for the toolbox

The reaction to the release of Abstract, and a bunch more new tools!

1. Abstract is Git for Designers we’ve all been waiting for! 👌

Greg R has put together a 15-minute long tutorial of a simple Abstract workflow for designers.

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2. Design Versioning —  let’s learn more about it.

As well as Abstract, Caio Calderari highlights a few more options available for versioning our design masterpieces.

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3. Contrast: Available on the App Store

A macOS app for quick access to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) color contrast ratios. By Sam Soffes and Matt (@mds).

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4. Flow

Flow is a free typeface built for wireframing Dan Ross. It comes in 3 weights – circular, rounded and block.

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5. Sketch Material

Sketch material is a sketch plugin that will help you generate complex material components like tables and forms – by Siddhartha Gudipati

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6. Prototyping in Atomic

Femke with another great tutorial on Atomic over on Tuts+

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7. Supernova

Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps in minutes

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