Newsletters > Issue #23: The Definitive Design Workflow and PSD to Sketch! πŸ’₯

The Definitive Design Workflow and PSD to Sketch! πŸ’₯

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Issue #23: The Definitive Design Workflow and PSD to Sketch!

You could call this week ‘Beta week’ with the amount of new apps and public betas popping up. The big news is the release of the Abstract public beta – read about it in section 2, here’s the contents:

  1. 5 awesome reads from publication
  2. ✨ 10 tool bumper pack ✨

🎁 Also, check out Pikatool – it’s a little project of our own which we’ll release publicly next week! If you have any feedback, just reply to this email. With that, let’s jump into the week’s big updates:

πŸ’₯ 5 from the publication

Here’s what’s hot in our publication this week! Lots on design tools, and a great article on creativity:

1. The definitive design workflow: Abstract app

Vitor Guerra asks whether the β€œGit for designers” really is that good? He also answers YES πŸ˜ƒ

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2. How to get past the β€œscrew this” stage of creativity

Michelle shares some tips on become a better artist, highlighting that a lot of her own growth came down to one small change that made a huge difference.

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3. My Design Workflow: Sketch + InVision + Framer

When prototyping, Adam Amran believes in the power of using different tools together in a workflow that fits your needs – there’s no one perfect tool.

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4. Inside a tech company: a guided safari

Vivienne Kay helps you understand how your impact as a designer fits into a larger system through her experience at Shopify.

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5. Streamlining with Sketch nested symbols

RaphaΓ«l Meguellati explains how he streamlined his design process with just a few nested symbols on Sketch.

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πŸ›  10 tool bumperpack

So many tools to try out, here’s our rundown of the week:

1. Abstract: A home for modern design teams.

Words from Abstract’s cofounder, Josh Brewer, on the launch of the Abstract public beta.

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2. PSD to Sketch Design Converter

Switching from Photoshop to Sketch? Avocode have launched their public beta for converting PSDs to Sketch files.

Convert PSD to Sketch

3. Markly: Share and organize designs

“Organize and inspect designs, share brands & assets across your team. Enjoy unlimited design collaboration in one safe place.”

Try it now!

4. Sketch Cache Cleaner

An app for deleting hidden Sketch history files that can take a lot of space on your hard drive – by Sasha Prokhorenko and Yuriy Oparenko.

Clean disk space

5. GitPoint

All the features of Github, but in your pocket – GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub iOS client that is 100% free.

Get the app

6. Paper Sizes

A simple, free resource for finding the international standards for paper sizes.

Check it out

7. Nucleo App

A beautiful library of 20729 icons, and a powerful app to collect, customise and export icons.

Check it out

8. Design Thinking FAQ

This is an awesome resource – it’s a selection of books for each stage of the design thinking process, put together by Tamas Lengyel.

Get some books

9. Focus for Sketch

An app to enable designers to add notes and tasks to designs. In this post, Kamil from Focus reflects on the last 12 months of their app.

Read the update

10. Blocks by Google

This is a really cool tool by Google for creating models in VR – no more mind tricks needed to create 3D objects on 2D surfaces.

Create 3D Models

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