Newsletters > Issue #22: Yet another tool for designers? πŸ– Crayons, Apple Pencil, and Algorithms…

Yet another tool for designers? πŸ– Crayons, Apple Pencil, and Algorithms…

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Issue #22 πŸ¦†πŸ¦†: Yet another tool for designers? Crayons, Apple Pencil, and Algorithms πŸ–

This week we saw that the most expensive tools aren’t always the best in helping you achieve your goals. For example, in section 1 you’ll see that Jinju bought an Apple iPad Pro and Pencil to use as a drawing tool..but ends up using it as YouTube surfing device!

Overall, we have a shorter reading list for you this week, with just 2 sections:

  1. 5 on tools
  2. 4 from the publication

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πŸ›  5 on Tools

Cool ideas, apps and tips for prototyping:

1. Crayons, Apple Pencil, and Algorithms.

“I was sick of hearing about yet another tool for designers. Perhaps I was sick of being an UX/UI designer as well?” Jinju Jang explores the Apple pencil as her new tool.

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2. The Best Way to Export an SVG from Sketch

Peter Nowell gives us a technical guide to a common question designers ask when exporting SVGs in Sketch.

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3. Numi: a Beautiful calculator app for Mac

Here’s a great little calculator to try out. It reminds us of typing in a code editor like Atom or Sublime. Pretty cool!

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4. Introducing Framer Gradients

Framer introduce gradients: “In true Framer fashion, we’re launching our very own version of gradientsβ€”mix and match in Design, then add motion in Code. Welcome to the next dimension of color.”

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5. 3 tools for UI Design on Windows

Lubos Kmetko explains how design is changing for Windows users with 3 more tools available in addition to Photoshop, Illustrator or other online tools like Webflow: Adobe XD, Figma and Affinity Designer.

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πŸ“š 4 from the Publication

Here’s 4 we have published this week, plus a bonus entry from outside the publication at number 5 – because it’s really cool!

1. A service I loved was sold and became unbearable, so I built my own

Cenk Γ–zbakΔ±r writes how a citation app that worked so well for him was ruined with popups and adds. He loved the old service so much, he went and built his own version πŸ’ͺ

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2. I Made a Mobile Hologram to Land My First Full-time UX Position

Deanna Ritchie tells us of her surprisingly short journey from new grad to lead android designer, including the innovative tactics she used to get her first job.

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3. iOS 11 Visual Design Overview (From the WWDC 2017)

Wojciech ZieliΕ„ski runs us through some interesting changes announced at the WWDC17 that will affect how we’re using our iPhones on daily basis.

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4. Top 10 Non-Traditional Must Read UX Books

Dan Andrews tells us how all his hard work at UX Academy paid off when he landed a job in London less than one month after graduating. Well done Dan!

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5. Flow Supply Co: Posters by Designers

Beautiful posters by independent studios and designers.
Available to buy as museum quality prints. Brought to you by Noemi Stauffer.

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