Newsletters > Issue #21: The Future of App Development (Beyond Prototypes) and Facebook’s Sound Kit for Prototypes 🎡

The Future of App Development (Beyond Prototypes) and Facebook’s Sound Kit for Prototypes 🎡

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Issue #21: The Future of App Development (Beyond Prototypes) and Facebook’s Sound Kit for Prototypes.

We’ve had fun this week! With so many great resources and updates, we’ve broken the week down into 3 sections for this letter:

  1. 6 awesome reads from publication
  2. 7 on prototyping tools
  3. 6 for inspiration πŸ“±

Hope you’re week has been great! Enjoy the reading list πŸ™‚

πŸ“š 6 to Bookmark

6 articles to keep bookmarked – all great reads:

1. 6 Animation Guidelines for UX Design

JosΓ© Torre is back this week to show us how useful animations are better than delightful.

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2. UX Research: Stop the Objections!

Ben Ralph tells us why avoiding user research isn’t an option – usability testing can happen without you.

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3. What On Earth Is A Brutalist Website?

Designlab unravel how brutalist websites came about, and what brutalism actually is.

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4. How I landed a job in UX Design with no degree

Christine Chun shares her story to encourage those without a design degree to pursue their dreams.

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5. Should designers just expect the engineers to make it work?

If you don’t understand the medium you’re designing for, you’re an artist, not a designer.” by Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

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6. What the Hell Is β€˜Team Culture’ and Why Is It so Important?

With Uber in mind, Alana Brajdic explores what team culture is, how to make a good culture, and what can turn it toxic.

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πŸ›  7 on Tools

Here’s this week’s news from the prototyping world:

1. The Future of App Development: Beyond Prototypes

Robert Malko explains how Qwickly came about, and what it can do. “Since we are generating real code, Qwikly will be able to provide features and functionality not seen in traditional prototyping tools.”

Try the app!

2. Sound Kit for Prototypes by Facebook

A collection of interaction sounds for prototypes.

Get it now

3. Facebook Sound Kit, now in Framer

It’s time to design with sound in mind, with Facebook and Framer.

Check it out

5. Gravit Designer 3.1 just landed

Christian Krammer tells us about the new Gravit Designer: “Clouds, templates, and diamondsβ€Šβ€”β€Šthis version of Gravit is huge.”

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6. The new Zeplin feature that nobody talks about

UXchange take us through Zeplin’s new feature, Sections, with explanation and steps needed to get the best use out of it.

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6. Prototyping Microinteractions Using Origami

James Zhou runs us through iterations of the interactions created for a journaling app, concluding that Origami is powerful, but there is a learning curve.

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7. How to Create a Responsive Landing Page with Sketch

Launchpad allows you to publish websites directly from Sketch, no coding required. Here’s how to use Launchpad when creating responsive designs.

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πŸ”₯ 6 for Inspiration

For inspiration, check out these 6 prototypes curated from Dribbble:

Onboarding – Pocketbook Gif by Andrew McKay in Pocketbook on Jun 29, 2017

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a redesign of the Pocketbook iOS app (The leading budget planner app in the app store). I'm excited to share the recently released NEW Onboarding exp…

Makereign Pitchfork Walkthrough by Matt Thompson πŸ‘Œ for MakeReign on Jun 29, 2017

Here is the quick walkthrough of the Pitchfork artist profile page exploration. Had fun playing around with the parallax transitions and side bar navigation reveal. Also here is a link to one of o…

Dspot – Web by Javier Oliver in Dspot_Web on Jun 29, 2017

YEAP!!! Web design for DSPOT company finished… Will be online soon. πŸ™‚

Courses app | Concept by Alexander Olssen for Magora on Jun 29, 2017

Help make Dribbble better! and get a free creative asset bundle valued at $500 from our friends at Creative Market. keyboard shortcuts: L or F like Z toggle zoom ⌘+enter post comment …

Photography collection by EricZhang on Jun 29, 2017

This amazing interactive idea comes from Yaroslav Zubko. I made some changes, turn it into a picture collection tool, hope you guys like it!

Women Fashion – Filter interaction by Johny vinoβ„’ on Jun 28, 2017

Hereabouts a simplistic Filter interaction I prototyped instantly today. Feedbacks are really appreciated πŸ™‚ Inspiration Collection: —————————— Are you looking for a source of…

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