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Airbnb’s Lottie Put to the Test and Awesome Design Systems

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Hello and welcome to issue #18: “Airbnb’s Lottie Put to the Test and Awesome Design Systems”. We came across a bunch of new apps and tools this week, so make sure you check out section 2!

Here’s the 3 sections we’ll cover in this week’s issue:

  1. 3 from the Publication
  2. 10 for the Toolbox 🛠
  3. More links!

Hope you enjoy reading as much as we did curating 🙂

💥 3 from the Publication

Most recommended this week:

1. Are Float Labels Really That Problematic After All?

Matt D. Smith writes a response to Adam Silver’s article ‘Floating Labels Are Problematic‘, suggesting that they may not be so problematic after all.

Find out!

2. Color blends are back in fashion, and these 30 will give you a colorgasm

Isabela Carvalho shares her love for colours, and especially for colour blends. She highlights how colour blends can bring playfulness, positivity and interconnectedness to logos, such as Slack’s. On top of that, she shows us how to create our own blends!

Get a colorgasm!

3. Don’t change the subject!

Ralph Ammer tells us why we should stick to one idea, and see our project through – the grass isn’t any greener on the other side of the fence when it comes to picking ideas.

Read more

📱 10 for the Toolbox

1. A Lottie to Like

Nick Butcher takes a look at Airbnb’s Lottie. Recently contributing to the Android Google I/O app, which has some interesting motion design – it was the perfect chance to give Lottie a test run!

Read now

2. Awesome Design Systems

has put together a GitHub repository with a curated list of awesome design systems, pattern libraries, and everything else inbetween.

See the list

3. Sync to Slides

“Sync to Slides is a Sketch plugin that will help you upload your artboards to Google Slides directly without an export step.”

Get the plugin

4. #Coffee is the color

Here’s a nice way to browser for colors – a place where real words are actually valid CSS HEX colors. Listen to this whilst browsing 🎧 .

Check it out

5. Craft Stock (InVision + Getty Images)

This week, InVision introduced Craft Stock – a sketch extension for importing premium stock images from Getty Images.

Try it out

6. New Framer Workflow — 10 things you’ll love ❤️️

Greg explores Framer’s ‘design view’ in a 30 minute video highlighting 10 things you’ll love about the new Framer. Definitely worth a watch!

Learn now

7. Xcode as a Design Tool

Simon Wuyts dives into XCode to find a way to create better tooltips, rather than going with defaults that didn’t match his design.

Read more

8. Dribbble iOS

“Dribbble’s official app for iPhone and iPad. Discover and follow the world’s best designers. Browse and curate amazing design work…”

View on iTunes

9. Get your Sketch designs into Framer

Taylor Palmer notices that Framer has several ways to import designs, without there being a right way to do it. He runs us through a few!

Read more

10. Kite 1.4: Generate Native Animations

Kite 1.4 introduces a highly demanded new feature: native Core Animation code generation for iOS and Mac apps!

Read the update

🔥 More Links this Week

The Psychology Principles Every UI/UX Designer Needs to Know

Compare: Adding a featherlight feature to Robinhood Robinhood feature concept

7 rules for mobile UI button design

All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design

Skeuomorphism In Conversational Design How metaphors impact conversational experiences

Designing a Visual System at Scale

Ways to become a better designer by yourself

2017 Apple Design Awards

Framer Tutorial: How to Create Stunning Interactive Prototypes

Planet of the Apps—Coming soon to Apple Music.

Monument Valley 2 on the App Store

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