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Bot Personalities and What is UX Writing? πŸ€– ✏

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to issue #17: Bot Personalities and What is UX Writing? – the 3 sections are:

  1. 3 from the Publication
  2. 4 on UX Writing
  3. 4 for Prototyping


✏️ 3 from the Publication

From Chatbots to UX Writing, here’s what was new this week:

1. A guide to developing bot personalities.

Conversational interfaces have reduced user experience down to a few lines of text. With bots, UX becomes conversational, products talk back, and persona’s now go both ways. Every bot has a voiceβ€Šβ€”β€Šwhich means every bot needs a personality. Jess Thoms tells all.

Create friendly bots

2. 7 steps to become a UI/UX designer

Nicole provides insight into how to get more into design whether you’re a programmer, marketing manager, social media strategist or just want to know more about design.

Design for all

3. Getting the login page right

Boluwatife Ben-Adeola explores the art to creating good landing pages, and tells us why the familiar designs we see aren’t just based on random decisions.

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✏️ 4 on UX Writing

1. Why Designers Should Start Writing More

Alana runs us through the many career benefits you’ll get from writing as a designer. From revealing your thoughts to connecting with the design community.

Read about writing!

2. Writing for UX: Some practical tips

Anjana Menon provides us with ten useful tips to keep in mind when writing for user experience, from clarity all the way through to inclusiveness.

Get the tips

2. What is a UX Writer? |

What is ‘UX Writing’ and is it for you? run us through the emergence of UX writing, providing a few examples of good microcopy.

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3. Test with Real Content, Not Lorem Ipsum

Chaymae Lougmani tells us to stop using Lorum Ipsum. She explains how using real content can help us to think more about the message we want to communicate to users.

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πŸ›  4 for Prototyping

Here are 10 updates for your toolbox – from new prototyping tools, to tutorials and apps that can help with your workflow:

1. Prototype Smaller, Prototype Often

Prolific Interactive tell us instead of trying to articulate incredibly grand designs, it can be more effective to explore smaller, less complete thoughts through prototyping.

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2. Meet Framer’s New Design Tool

Framer have created a new design tool engineered for interaction work. Draw & create layouts in Framer, then switch to Code to add interaction.

Check it out

3. Simply beautiful open source icons

Here’s a bunch of open source icons you can use with your prototypes, made with <3 by Cole Bemis

Get the icons

4. Why consider switching to Figma

Vlad Ponomarenko gives us 16 reasons to drop using Sketch and start working in Figma.

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πŸ”₯ More Links this Week

Pattern Libraries – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

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The Object-Oriented User – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

An updated, expanded, roughed-up version of an article printed in the November 2016 issue of NET Magazine.How do people understand their worlds?When people draw pictures in their head, what do those pictures look like?What is the stuff of mental models?What is the stuff of thought?Ruh-roh…shit just got deep. But wait, don’t go anywhere! If you design digital products that people have to use and navigate, considering these questions might revolutionize the way you work.***For …

Who is taking care of designing reality? Designers, engineers, and all digital experience creators: …

Brazilian Designer currently living in Munich, Germany . Design Lead @ Freeletics.comMay 25The dumbest stock image I’ve seen in a while. Girl, put these VR glasses off!Take a good look at the picture above ☝It shows a girl riding her bike towards a potential accident with a feat of engineering strapped to her face.There is almost a poetic beauty in it. This photo is the perfect metaphor to illustrate a human trait: Being able to create terrific technologies only to end …

How to Become a Better Product Storyteller

Connecting the dots. Technology and Mindfulness. Product Manager. HCI ResearcherIf you want to learn how to deliver winning presentations, then one of the best resources out there is Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate. One of the ideas outlined by Duarte is that a successful presenter persuades the audience to believe in a new idea. To achieve this goal, the presenter should deliver a compelling story, which paints the ordinary world of today and contrasts it with the special world of …

Just to make our lives (and our friends’ lives) a little bit easier.

Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap and co-founder of UX Power Tools.May 31Sketch TutorialsFirst off, this is not a passionate memoir about what Sketch is doing wrong, or “how dumb their product team is for not having thought of these things already”. They’re doing so many things right as it is, and I continue to be impressed with each new version.This is just a little list of ideas I’ve collected after talking to lots of Sketch users, designing thousands of …

Fuck Facebook

Dave Winer, “Why I Can’t/Won’t Point to Facebook Blog Posts”: 1. It’s impractical. I don’t know what your privacy settings are. So if I point to your post, it’s possible a lot of people might not be able to read it, and thus will bring the grief to me, not you, because they have no idea who you are or what you wrote. 2. It’s supporting their downgrading and killing the web. Your post sucks because it …

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