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πŸ’Ž Designing for VR and Turn Sketch Files into Prototypes, Without Leaving Sketch!

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

First up in issue #16, we’ve got a big 5 from the publication, followed by loads of prototyping news in section 2:

  1. 5 from the Publication
  2. 10 for the Toolbox πŸ› 
  3. More Links!

Hope you enjoy all this stuff we’ve put together!

🎀 Big 5 from the Publication

We had some epic pieces in the publication this week, πŸ‘€ check these out:

1. Creating Personas: A guide, not a template

Ben Ralph shows us how research should inform the layout of a persona, and why blindly following templates misses the point. He goes on to share some great tips to help you craft truly useful personas.

Create useful personas!

2. Designing for VR | A Beginners Guide

Blake Hudelson shows us how the best way to learn about VR is in VR! In his beginners guide to VR, you’ll learn to think beyond rectangles, and how to really get the feel for 360 space, as well as tools and frameworks to get you started.

Jump into Virtual Reality

3. How to see: mindset & design thinking

Judy Ko helps us understand visual literacy and seeing as a discipline through thoughtful extracts from George Nelsons book, “How to See: Visual Adventures in a World God Never Made”.

Read now

4. I got frustrated with an app, so I redesigned it

After DOT (a Danish public transport comany) redesigned their ticket app with a new Material Design UI, Signe Roswall found a bunch of usability issues. Instead of complaining, she’s offered some solutions πŸ‘

Read now

5. How better onboarding cut our drop-off rate

Rob McWhirter explains how Twine overhauled their onboarding pages, making good use of copy writing which helped improve dropout rates from around 65% to just 30%. He shows how important UX writing can be for a product.

Find out how!

πŸ›  10 for the Toolbox

Here are 10 updates for your toolbox – from new prototyping tools, to tutorials and apps that can help with your workflow:

1. Mirr.ioβ€Šβ€”β€Šturn Sketch files into shareable prototypes, without leaving sketch.

Mulhoon introduces from @normallystudio. Just after InVision launched a ‘prototype in Sketch’ feature to Craft, comes out of seemingly nowhere to really enable prototyping in Sketch. “ aims to focus on the designer’s flow when working in Sketch. Keeping you designing and thinking in Sketch without hopping between other services.”

Try this tool!

2. Font inspiration

Lettering, type and font inspiration split into helpful categories and a journal of awesome font combinations.

Get font inspiration

3. Working with Behaviours in Flinto: Parts 1 and 2

A 2 part series where Marc Andrew, author of Sketch App Essentials, introduces Flinto’s Behaviour Designer through the creation of a movie app.

Learn about Flinto

4. Basic Navigation with Sketch and Invision’s Craft Prototype Plugin

Stewart Curry shows us how to set up a simple menu in Sketch for your click-through Invision prototypes, including downloadable content, and his final prototype.

Learn now

5. You Are Going to Switch to Figma

Tom Johnson gives us a fresh comparison on Sketch and Figma. From being a die hard Sketch fan and initially scoffing at Figma being browser based, Tom tells us why he’s warmed to Figma…but will you really switch based on this? 😈

Pick a color

6. UXPin Design Systems Platform

Here’s UXPin’s effort of design, collaboration, and dev handoff. “Not just a style guide or pattern library, but a complete system of implementation guidelines, assets, interactive patterns, and synced documentation.”

Find out more

7. Data Gif Maker by Google News Lab

Enter two data points (e.g. two competing search interests), choose colours, add text, and launch your data comparison!

Visualize some data

8. Fontjoy: Font pairing made simple

Fontjoy is a font pairing tool created by Jack Qiao that makes use of deep learning to create novel font combinations.

Pair some fonts

9. Workspaces by Apptorium

“Workspaces is an app that remembers your project resources, so you can quickly open them.”

Try the app

10. Stockmagic for Mac by Panda

A free app to download images straight from your menu bar. You may want to grab Vanilla too!

Try the app

πŸ”₯ More Links this Week

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