Newsletters > Issue #15: πŸŽ‰ 8+ Tools for Your Prototyping Toolbox and Sketch 44 is Here!

πŸŽ‰ 8+ Tools for Your Prototyping Toolbox and Sketch 44 is Here!

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

It’s another big week in the prototyping world! Here’s the 3 sections for issue #15:

  1. 3 on Prototyping Tools (Sketch 44 is here)
  2. 8 for the Toolbox πŸ› 
  3. 3 from the Publication

Dive right in πŸ‘‡

πŸŽ‰ 3 on Prototyping Tools

3 updates – Sketch 44 and more:

1. New Artboard picker, better vectors and more in Sketch 44

Obviously Sketch 44 has dropped this week. In this post they tell us everything that’s new!

Read the update

2. A Brand New Designer Tool for Android by Marvel

The best way to prototype on the go just got better! Marvel added a quick and easy wireframe tool to their Android app so you can design from scratch on the go!

Download the App

3. Want to Prototype in Sketch? Well now you can

Silver Flows was a tool for prototyping inside Sketch – it was acquired a while back by InVision who have now combined it into Craft. Marc Andrew runs us through it.

Find out more

πŸ›  8 for the Toolbox

8 updates and articles on tools:

1. Introducing GitHub for Atom

Atom 1.18 will now come bundled with Git and GitHub integration!

Read the update

2. ambiance

Ambiance is an awesome tool to help you choose colour schemes.

Try it out!

3. Cone App

Cone is a color picker for the real world – an app for iPhones created by Kushagra Agarwal.

Pick a color

4. Launchpad 0.6 – Hover πŸ–±

Every week, Launchpad are rolling out a new feature for their ‘Sketch to web’ publisher. This week, it’s hover effects!

Find out more

6. The β€œI’m new to design” starter pack

Sara Clayton provides some resources in a ‘starter pack’ for anyone interested in getting started with design.

Read now

8. Vanilla – Free Download for Mac

The mac toolbar can get quite cluttered with all the different tools and addons. Here’s a free app by Matthew Palmer to hide them!

Get it for free

7. All The UX Prototyping Tools Ever

Taylor Palmer lists all the prototyping tools! All 62 of them 😲

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8. Partnership with UX Power Tools

Build and manage design systems with UX Power Tools and πŸ› .

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πŸ“š 3 from the Publication

Here’s 3 featured articles from our publication:

1. Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews

Artiom Dashinsky, product designer at WeWork, shows how WeWork test product thinking skills, and also provides some useful exercises to practice.

Read now

2. How to create wireframes as a UX Designer

Sophie Riwaters gives us an in-depth look at the basics of wireframing from a practical aspect.

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3. Static visualizations do not exist

Dominikus Baur explains how just by reading and understanding, we actually turn everything interactive.

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πŸ”₯ More Links this Week

More great links that are well worth your time πŸ‘Œ:

Sketch Links:

Dynamic Icons in Sketch

Two years ago, I had a grand total of zero minutes played in Sketch. Today — let’s do the math — I have approximately 18 months in Sketch x 172 working hours per month, equalling 3,132 hours. In that time I’ve discovered the best solution for tedious icon creation problems that zap your time.In the past, designers spent countless hours creating many colors and sizes for the same icon. Anywhere you make a change, you have to apply …

Sketch is not a UX design tool – The Startup – Medium

The popular design app for Mac is a refined evolution of the “pen-and-paper simulator”, but does not attempt to model user experiences. Even the people who built an entire React renderer just to be able to use Sketch for UX design are looking to switch away from it. The future is somewhere else.Drawing vector graphics was one of the very first professional applications for personal computers. In those Wild West days of the late 1970s, as soon as there was a microprocessor …

The Simplest How-To Guide for Sharing a Design System with Your Team From zero to hero in 9 lightnin…

Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap and co-founder of UX Power Tools.May 18Sketch TutorialsDesign systems are hotter than your mom right now, so I’m gonna answer the question on everyone’s mind:Hey Jon, how do I share my fresh design system with my team?Woah, I’m glad you asked! Tighten your suspenders, because here we go:1. Download this plugin (direct download, no nonsense)2. Sign up and Sign in (it’s fast)3. Go to the “Text” tab and click …

More Links:

Why your design team should hire a writer – Dropbox Design – Medium

John SaitoDesigns words @Dropbox. Previously @YouTube and @Google.Writers + Designers = A match made in heavenLately, there’s been a lot of buzz about writing in design. Whether you call it UX writing, product writing, or content design, it’s clear that the words in your design matter.In his 2017 Design in Tech talk, John Maeda spelled it out for us: “Words are really important because the graphics don’t make sense sometimes.” Fast Co Design …

UI Motion: A Beautiful Problem Solver to Improve UX Why do users love motion so much?

The answer is simple, because motion supports the essence of real-time interaction. It creates the same emotional benefits like when people interact with a physical object in real life. For sure, the interaction makes users satisfied. There are 5 pillars of interaction design that I found very useful for creating UI Motion.UI Motion is a very powerful way to make the mobile app simple, clear, bright and user-centered thus providing positive user experience.Types of UI Motion1. …

Best Practices for Horizontal Lists in Mobile

Designer, App Developer & Self-taught Artist. 9Many Android and iOS apps have horizontal scrolling lists. Maybe it’s also combined inside a vertical list. But is it necessary? Even assuming it is, are you doing it right?In this article, let’s discuss tips to remember when designing horizontal lists. Later, we’ll look at possible alternatives that can work better.So first off, why horizontal lists on mobile?Horizontal lists are …

Designing for VR | A Beginners Guide

Interaction Designer @method_inc | Emerging Tech + Cities + Connected EnvironmentsImage: Natsuo NamaThe VR age is rapidly approaching.When the world’s largest tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple) are investing billions into the development of VR technologies, you know something big is on the horizon. Experts say that this VR revolution will be bigger than the advent of the mobile phone, and the first company to create a consumer VR product that is adopted by the …

Chatbots Are the New Trend. Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing. Chatbots are forcing us to rethink the w…

Recommended by you, , and I try to make dots, and sometimes I get to see them connect. Founder of MSTQ.Illustration by In the 1950s, Alan Turing dedicated much of his work around machine learning and artificial intelligence. That was nearly 70 years ago. But until today, we’ve resisted the adoption of artificial intelligence, even though it’s been completely possible.Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of artificial intelligence. Or maybe it’s because the …

The Minimum Viable Design System

CEO at @UXPin. UX designer, cognitive psychologist, entrepreneur. Focused on the future of product development: http://uxpin.comGrowing UXPin Design System stored in UXPin Design System LibraryOver the past couple of weeks I had the pleasure to talk about UXPin’s approach to building a design system on multiple meet-ups and webinars (you can watch one of them here). I had lots of fun sharing our experiences learned a lot through all the lovely conversations after my talks.One …

New Designers, Try Out as Many Gigs as Possible Specialization vs Experimentation & Your Design Care…

As a mentor of graduates from college design programs and bootcamps, I am often asked a similar question.How should I find a design job? Should I work full-time or freelance?Since I mentor in the Bay Area, I also hear an addendum to the question.Should I work at a startup, an enterprise tech company, or elsewhere?Recent graduates of design programs frequently ask these questions as breaking into design is not easy.Why?The San Francisco Bay Area has many design positions. At the same time …

Designers: your empathy isn’t enough. How I learned the difference between β€˜lived’ and β€˜simulated’ e…

An investigative studio in Melbourne, Australia. This account hosts notes, ideas and learning materials.Up until I was 29, I lived a life of pretty good health. I wasn’t sporty so I rarely fell over, never broke a bone or caused an injury that needed a stitch. I went to school, made friends, took normal dumb risks and graduated without a much of a scratch. I lived overseas and studied. Twice. I moved flats and jobs every couple of years. By the time I was almost 30, I was mostly …

How to perfect your mobile app’s login screen

Source: Jane KellyThe sign-up screen on mobile applications — we love it, we hate it, and we definitely love to hate it. If done right, it can be the trigger to a massive user retention. If done poorly it can have the exact opposite effect.Yet, the sign-up screen is designed poorly more frequently than anyone would love to admit.But what does ‘getting the sign-up screen done right’ actually mean? How do we tame this wild beast? We tame it by …

Fluid Responsive Typography With CSS Poly Fluid Sizing

Fluid layouts have been a normal part of front-end development for years. The idea of fluid typography, however, is relatively new and has yet to be fully explored. Up until now, most developers’ idea of fluid typography is simply using Viewport units maybe with some minimum and maximum sizes. In this article, we are going to take it to another level. We are going to examine how to create scalable, fluid typography across multiple breakpoints and predefined font …

Design Theory and a Changing Scientific Worldview

Look abroad through nature’s range. Nature’s mighty law is change. — Robert Burns (in Gould, 2000, p.96)The role of scientific information, or scientific knowledge in decision-making processes requires more detailed discussion and I will return to this topic throughout this thesis. [This is an excerpt from my 2006 PhD Thesis in ‘Design for Human and Planetary Health: A Holistic/Integral Approach to Complexity and Sustainability’. This …

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