Newsletters > Issue #13: 😲 Publish Websites Directly from Sketch, and a Free Tool to Convert PSDs to Sketch

😲 Publish Websites Directly from Sketch, and a Free Tool to Convert PSDs to Sketch

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

The prototyping scene is changing rapidly, so we’re covering 2 sections on prototyping this issue (#13). There are 3 sections in total:

  1. 5 new tools on the radar
  2. 5 great reads from the publication
  3. 5 on prototyping

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🛠 5 new tools on the radar

Useful tools and plugins this week:

1. Introducing Sizzy —a Tool for Developing Responsive Websites Crazy-Fast

Kitze runs us through Sizzy – an app he made to preview multiple screen sizes at once as you work. The Sizzy chrome plugin is available too, give it a go!

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2. Introducing Launchpad for Sketch

Anima App make it possible to publish websites directly from Sketch, without any coding! 💯

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3. Free online converter from PSD to Sketch

Avocode release a beta app to enable us to turn Photoshop designs into a fully layered Sketch files. “For free. For real.”

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4. Sketch Confetti

Define your grid in vertical columns and horizontal rows and get the perfect layout of shapes to produce gorgeous confetti.

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5. Iconinator for Sketch

Iconinator is a Sketch plugin that provides a means to generate a set of App icons for iOS. Made by Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis.

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❤️ 5 great reads from the publication

Here’s 5 interesting reads from the publication:

1. Mobile First, Desktop Worst

Oliver Brooks explains why using mobile patterns on desktop devices doesn’t always work. He explores how difficult it is to deliver identical experiences across various devices and contexts.

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2. Why Writing Is the Most Important Skill in Design.

Yazin Akkawi explains how companies need designers that are writers and storytellers, both and in the near future.

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3. Complexion Reduction & Apple’s New User Interface

Philip Joyce, designer at Mastercard, tells us why iOS 11 needs to unify Apple’s User Interface.

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4. Interviewing designers?Don’t give them homework

Isabela Carvalho gives us her response to last week’s article, ‘The Surefire Way to NOT Hire Good Designers‘.

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5. Icon or label? There is no simple answer.

Adrian Narloch explores when it’s best to use labels or icons on a UI, concluding that combining both is also a good option.

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⭐️ 5 on prototyping

More news from the prototyping tools we love:

1. Creating and Maintaining the Marvel Style Guide in Sketch

Yavor Punchev takes us through the process of building and maintaining a style guide in Sketch.

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2. Why Every Project Should be a Design Systems Project

How the team at EA use Framer to prototype User Interfaces for games, by Emil Widlund.

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3. Sketching with React-SketchApp

Eder Rengifo gives advice on using Airbnb’s React-SketchApp through using it himself.

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4. Design a mobile micro-interaction with Principle

Jarryd Wafer takes us through a step by step guide to get started with Principle for Mac – from an idea to a finished prototype.

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5. InVision acquires TrackDuck

Invision use their large budget to acquire Trackduck for better integration with Atlassian products.

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🔥 More Links this Week

More great articles that are well worth your time 👌:

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Meetup: A Usability Case Study

Recommended by you, , and Meetup is one of the world’s largest network of self-organized clubs and community groups. It helps people connect face-to-face with other people who have similar interests and hobbies.Being a passionate Meetup attendee myself, I wanted to answer these three questions:#1. How are people currently using the Meetup app?#2. Are users facing any usability issues while using the app?#3. If yes, what can I do to help solve these issues through design?This is a …

Real Data Prototyping using Framer and

Framer is known for its ability to create realistic prototypes, and the recent release of by Julien Perrière pushes them even further. Julien has curated over 100 samples of data lists that can used in your design tools of choice. In this article I’ll be showing you how to make the most of this data in Framer. Here’s the prototype we’ll be creating: a Sketch FileI’ve …

11 Tips For Building Great Color Palettes

We empower creators to do the work they love. http://trydesignlab.comText and Illustrations: Patrick MultaniWhether you’re a novice or an old hand, how to use color is one of the most contentious and elusive questions in design.Colors have myriad cultural, social, and emotional meanings, and the complexity of choosing a palette isn’t made any simpler by the fact that a designer’s options are practically infinite.In this week’s article, our in-house design …

The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice Assistant

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Don’t mess up your grid like Medium

Co-Founder, Product Strategy, UI/UX designer at Pixel PointMay 2When we first created covers for our Medium articles, we noticed that on different pages, they are cropped with a lot of different aspect ratios.I wanted to understand what aspect ratio I needed to use for design covers, so I looked practically everywhere I could think of. As I didn’t find guides about creating covers for Medium, I decided to dig into the research around formats and write one here. The results have …

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Tinycards by Duolingo

Top 10 scenarios for UX/UI Resources

Interaction Designer @ Samsung Electronics. Photographer for life.Apr 27There are a million and one design resources out there and just as many bloggers and journalists have gathered their favourite ones for you, too. But what I keep finding is resources upon resources coupled with some uncertainty of when’s the best time and place to use them.Here are some everyday scenarios that I go through and the resources I use to help me out,Usability.govEverything ‘UX’, …

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What the f*ck is UX Writing? – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

You’ve probably heard of UX Designers, Product Managers, User Researchers, Marketing Directors, Creatives, and plenty more I’m sure… but have you ever heard of a UX Writer? Google sure has, but I’m going to guess that you haven’t. And that’s a shame considering its fundamental contribution to all those talented people listed above. Lucky for you, there&#x2019#x2019;s no need to wallow in sorrow. In this post, the Flip Script Media team is excited to …

Why users quit apps and never come back

One of the most discouraging statistics for all app professionals out there is that people abandon the majority of apps they download, some even after using them just once. Sure, we might have spoiled users a bit by creating awesome apps, and they might have gotten used to getting crazy good products, but we can’t lay the entirety of blame on their standards.Sure, this might be a tough pill to swallow, but after all — we’re all human, and to err is …

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