Newsletters > Issue #115: 🧠New Tools for Brainstorming and 💥A Complete Guide to Iconography

Prototypr Weekly Issue #115

Issue #115, Tuesday June 25

Researching, brainstorming and planning projects can get messy! Paper and pencil is a trusted option, but a host of tools have been created to solve our organisation issues.

The latest attempt is Whimsical Mind Maps 🧠, which launched just last week. It takes a uniquely collaborative approach to mind maps, enabling you to brainstorm as a team whilst combining structure and speed.

What do you use to organize your ideas? We have a whole host more to explore in the Brainstorming category of Toolbox💡! Feel free to reply with your favourites. Here are our 6 top stories and tools from the last week: 👇

Top 6 Stories.
Our top picks, from iconography to dealing with burnout.

Top 6 Tools.
Top 6 from the Prototypr Toolbox.

Stubborn Generator
Free illustrations constructor for Figma & Sketch

CSS Wand
Easy copy-paste beautiful CSS animations

Darkmode Widget
Add a dark-mode to your website in a few seconds

Colors & Fonts
Css gradients, color palettes & font pairing
Create detailed visual sitemaps and get estimates