Newsletters > Issue #114: ✨ New Figma Plugins, Sketch for Teams and CSS in 2019! Weekly, Issue 114

Issue #114, Tuesday June 18

Hello! Top news from the last week include some epic changes coming to Sketch and Figma, as they both launch new beta programs:

  • Plugins are coming to Figma – just like Sketch and Adobe XD, Figma launch the beta version of plugins for their design tool. What will you make?
  • 💎 Sketch for Teams Beta – Sketch for Teams will launch next month, along with awesome features such as versioning!
  • 🎨 The State of CSS 2019 – A survey of over 10,000 developers to find out which CSS features are used the most, and what’s coming up for CSS

Other than these, continue below for our roundup of 6 top reads, and 6 more tools/resources to try out: 👇

Top 6 Posts.
Top posts from the past week.

Top tools.
The top tools from the past week.

Getting Started with Design Systems
Find out how to build a design system.

Storefront UI
The first Vue.js UI library dedicated to eCommerce.

Trendy 404s
A set of creative templates for your 404s.

Shape by IDEO
A visual, collaborative space to build, test & refine ideas.

UI Kitten 4.0
A React Native UI starter kit with 40+ screens.

Track product feedback in one organised place.