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Prototypr Weekly, Issue #111

Issue #111, Tuesday May 28

Every week, there seems to be a new way to go from design to code. This week, it was Sketch to Web from Sparkle, which works with Sparkle’s visual website builder. If that isn’t your thing though, here are some more options from the Prototypr Toolbox:

  • 🦎 Uizard: Transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs and front-end code
  • 🐙 Yotako: Import prototypes from XD, Sketch and more…then translate them into real apps!
  • ⚛️Sketch2React: Sketch2React launch V1.5 to help export designs from Sketch into React components.

If you have any more, please reply to this email with your suggestions! And here are some great stories and more tools to help you through the week:

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Sketch to Web

o from Sketch design to live site in minutes

Flow 1.5 is Out!

introduce the easing curve editor in their new update ✨

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