Newsletters > Issue #10: 🤔 Everyone is a designer. Get over it. + 💎 Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG

🤔 Everyone is a designer. Get over it. + 💎 Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG

Design, Prototyping and Inspiration

Welcome to Issue #10. We’ll look at these 3 sections:

  1. 3 Sketch updates
  2. 3 on design as a career
  3. 3 handy articles for prototyping

🔗 We’ll finish off with a list of more great links from the week gone by.

💎 3 Sketch Updates

Sketch is always improving. Here are 3 new bits this week:

1. Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG

Peter Nowell explains how Sketch enables us to export SVG’s like no other design software – Sketch’s SVGs are now far more reliable and smaller in file size.

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2. Google Autodraw for Sketch ✏️💎 developed a plugin that lets you use Google’s awesome Autodraw right within Sketch!

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3. I designed the single-border feature for Sketch

UXchange highlight how it’s not possible to add a border to just a single side of a shape in Sketch.

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🤷🏾‍♀️ 3 on Design Careers

This week we have another article debating what a designer actually is, and 2 more on design careers:

1. Everyone is a designer. Get over it.

“Whether you like it or not, people outside of your design team are making significant design choices that affect your customers in important ways.” Daniel Burka argues how anyone can be the designer, and that you should embrace them.

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2. To the person who offered me my first design job… thank you.

Alexa Leigh Herasimchuk advises designers trying to land a first job — “if you truly want to do this work, you’ll figure out a way in.”

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3. Thoughts about being a self-taught designer and feeling like an imposter.

After immersing herself in design, Magalie Linda finds that there are many kinds of designers. And many types.

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🖥 3 for Prototyping

Here’s some useful ideas to consider when prototyping:

1. Bottom Navigation Interface

Cuberto explore some best practices for mobile app bottom navigation, providing some great examples too.

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2. Grid Layout Resources

Paul Champion gives us a rundown of the various ‘CSS Grid layout’ resources out there from articles, blogs, interactive games, GUIs and videos.

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3. VR Paper Prototyping

After last week’s exploration into sketching for VR, Saara Kamppari explores how to move from sketches to a low-fidelity VR prototypes.

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🔥 More Links this Week

More great articles we came across this week, both in the prototyping publication, and from the rest of the web:

24 Ways to Look Like an Awesome UX Designer Tips on pretending to be a top designer

Husband and father of 2. Made in England, grew up in Scotland, living in Australia. Currently a UX Designer with Tabcorp in SydneyApr 91. If a colleague asks you to look at a website, open it up and straight away inspect the elementWhoaa…Boom! This makes you look like a ‘what’s under the hood’ kind of designer. You’re someone who wants to see the guts of a website. To go a step further resize to ipad and change something of the existing site , …
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How not to be a noob at UX design – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

Paul AxenteLead UX Designer @3PillarGlobal, eager to create convenient and remarkable customer experience that evoke emotions.Apr 11A few tips which could potentially make your life as a user experience designer easierTrigger warning! — This article uses irony and sarcasm. Have fun reading :)UX is hot 🌶️ right now and everyone wants a slice of the pie! 2017 is going to be an awesome year for UX, but don’t take my word for it.It makes …
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A Google Design sprint gone wrong (and what it taught me)

UX Designer, illustrator & terrible musician. Currently trying to nail hyperrealistic charcoal portraits – my friends suffer the consequences.Apr 7Sprints are all the rage, but beware the snake-oil! This is what I learnt by taking part in a modified design sprint, run by people with incomplete understanding of the Google Ventures Design Sprint process.Jake Knapp describes Design Sprints as a greatest hits of productivity, decision making, innovation, creativity, and …
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Creativity can be worked out – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

Let’s start with a simple warm-up exercise: it’s called a “thirty circles test”. The idea comes from Robert McKim and was introduced by Tim Brown (IDEO) at TED conference in 2008 (link).To begin you need to draw a thirty circles on a sheet of paper — not to small, neither to big. Now try to adapt those circles into as many objects as you can, in less than a minute. Draw whatever comes to your mind, but keep it …
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The Results.

Ladies. Gentlemen. Lovely designers. Wonderful developers. We have been quite silent over the last few months – few being an understatement. Yet, we have not been unbusy.We released an alpha of our animation tool in late August last year. And, to our amazement it was widely picked up by designers, developers, bloggers from around the world. At the same time as the release, we also opened up a short survey about the experience of working with C4 Studio, with the hopes of finding out …
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Prototyping Smart Mirror — UX Case Study Conceptualizing, designing & evaluating an interactive IOT …

Photo credits: UnsplashIntroductionIn our ‘Prototyping Interactive Systems’ class, we were asked to design an interactive physical prototype around the Internet of Things, which can be either tangible user interface or ambient information display. We had 2 weeks to conceptualize, build & evaluate the prototype.NOTE: Though research is an quintessential phase in every design process, the focus here was more on learning + using a variety of the sketching and …
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Designing for Edge Cases – UX Power Tools – Medium

This illustration was created by Matt Carlson and it’s a metaphor for “edge cases” because the car is parked at the edge of a cliff. Get it?! I promise that you’ll actually learn a thing or two in this otherwise very wordy article. I’ve already learned a couple of things about photo captions in the past two sentences. For one, the text isn’t a hex grey. It’s actually true black at 60% transparency. I figured this out when I tried to add an …
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Design Sprint Kit
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