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💎 A Brand is a Relationship & Git for Designers

Design, prototyping and inspiration

Hi everyone, welcome to the very 1st Prototypr newsletter!

Every week, we look through 100s of design articles and artefacts from every corner of the web. In this newsletter, we’re going to share our top picks – old and new.

This week we’ve got 3 categories of 3s for you:

  • 3 for Thought
  • 3 for the Tool Belt
  • 3 to Inspire

☕️ 3 for Thought

Here are 3 interesting reads that will give you something to ponder:

1. A Brand is a Relationship

David Scott (Creative Director at Eventbrite) shares his extensive design experience for the 2nd time in the Prototyping publication. He explains how a brand is much more than just a logo.

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2. An Abridged History of UI

Ash Hopkins, also in her 2nd post for the Prototyping publication, gives us a full run through on the history of UI. Epic read.

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3. Simplicity is Overrated

Gabriel Colombo‘s first ever piece in the Prototyping publication 🙌. He discusses the balance between simplicity and complexity.

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🛠 3 for the Tool Belt

Here are some tools and tips to help you with your design workflow:

1. Git for Designers

Matteo Gratton, Design Lead @MIDASconsoles introduces ‘Abstract’ – a version control tool for Sketch. Now designers can use the power of Git too! 💪

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2. Motion Design Handovers Made Easy

Product designer Paul van Oijen provides a solution to working collaboratively on building and shipping animations.

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3. The Ultimate Sketch Plugins List for Productivity

Looking for Sketch plugins? Andrea Pacheco shares 9 of her favourite plugins that are crucial to her daily work.

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⭐️ 3 to Inspire

Design process, illustration and career aspirations – inspiring stuff here:

1. How to Develop Your Unique Artistic Style

Christine Nishiyama helps us understand our own artisitic style: “Your artistic style is what makes your work feel like you“. She shows us the special mental side to making art.

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2. Stormbrain App

Ying Deng shares her team’s design process, from user interviews to a final prototype, a great design case study for all.

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3. Hello, Google

Nina Geometrieva finally finds her way into Google. She shared this story on dribbble to celebrate her career landmark.

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Thank you for reading our first edition 🙏. If you liked it, let us know. If you have any suggestions, let us know too. Hope you have a great weekend!

To celebrate our 1st newsletter, here are 3 extra finds this week:

Bonus ❤️ 3 UI Concepts

Here’s 3 bonus UI concepts to inspire your prototypes. We have: 1. Illustrated pricing options, 2. Mobile page concepts, and 3. Onboarding animations. Enjoy!


Hi there! Here is another pricing table idea we provided for our Inssta project. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook& Instagram

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Alexandrov Alexandr

Mobile pages concepts

Here are some mobile pages concepts created as part of a project from last year at @UPPERQUAD.

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Emmanuelle Bories

Dashboard Animation

Playing around with principle. Ui by Anton Chandra

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Mauricio Bucardo

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