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🎁 Free Gift, Special Offers and More with the New Prototypr!

We’ve just launched the *all new* Prototypr site, and with it bring you a free gift and a bunch of updates.

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Below you’ll find a link to a free .design domain name (which usually costs $30+), and a taste of what’s new:

🎁 Here’s your free .design domain

The brand new .design extension is already being used by some of the world’s hottest companies (, and thousands of individuals. Grab yours for free, perfect for portfolios and projects.

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💎 Prototypr Designer Deals

The deals section has hand picked design products that we think you’ll love. Get awesome savings on prototyping tools like Marvel, ProtoPie, and more!

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🗞 Prototypr Archive

Get handpicked design news every day in the Prototypr archive – a mini newsreader app that sits within the new site. Scroll back throughout the year and catch up on anything you missed.

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Feel free to join the discussion on ProductHunt and let us know your thoughts on how you’d like us to improve things!





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