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Worthwhile Flow Interruption: The Confirmation Modal

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There’s nothing more frustrating than suffering the unintended consequences from the occasional “accidental click.” Limit your users frustration by interrupting flows with confirmation modals at crucial points in a users experience. Here are a few examples of when a confirmation modal seems appropriate: 

1. MailChimp: Prepare for Launch


“You’re about to…” is a great way to let your users stop and think about the upcoming repercussions of a certain action, such as launching an email campaign. Yea, it’s kinda a big deal… take a second to think about it.  

2. Designer News: You sure?


Imagine accidentally deleting your entire account in one click. Help reduce these tragic mistakes by implementing “safety-net” modals on your landing page. Your users will thank you. 

3. Google AdWords: Ditching The Onboarding Process 


If you think your onboarding process is worthwhile, make sure your users know what they’re missing if they choose to opt out. This confirmation modal emphasizes that the user will not longer receive step-by-step tooltips, should they choose, “Yes, exit.”   

We want to help you enhance your UX one step at a time. You can add confirmation modals to your landing page using Appcues’ modal windows today, code-free.     

Want more helpful tips? Visit the Appcues blog to find out how to make your user onboarding experience the best it can be!

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