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Wireframe Prototyping System

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Plan your project navigation with these beautiful maps. For your mobile and web projects.

Web and Mobile FlowchartsMap, Elements, Color Guide

With these elements, you can easily create beautiful flowcharts. The file also contains arrows, labels, gestures and other elements. The file is fully customizable, just customize these basic colors and refresh styles, and the entire project will also be updated.

1. Easy Resizing

Tune the project to your liking with these easy-to-use elements. If you need more canvas or arrows – just resize it! Everything was thought through for comfortable and fast work.

2. Easy Customizing

If you need customization, adjust the colors, fonts or lines in a special “Customize here” section. Update the styles, and the whole flowchart database will upload as well. It has never been so easy to set your own unique style!

Pack is available in 4 colors:

Dark, Sketchy, Wire, Standart color schemes

If you like it and want to speed up your process of creating prototypes, you can check full version.

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