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Why I think you should consider switching to Affinity Designer

Designer News Feed | To summarize, here’s a list:

+ **$50 price tag** – no shitty SaaS model
+ Switch between vector, pixel, and export modes – *hell yes*
+ **Asset Management** – reuse elements with ease. [See it in action](https://youtu.be/Kxk-iJn7DNM)
+ **Symbols** – basically the same as sketch but with more advanced options. [See it in action](https://youtu.be/6qXPi3ueT_U)
+ **Constraints** – Affinity’s version of auto layout – This existed before the auto layout plugin in Sketch everyone keeps yapping about. [See it in action](https://youtu.be/xxfb9gqAuRc)
+ **Over 1,000,000% Zoom** – no joke
+ **Instantly undo/redo over 8,000 History steps**
+ **Shareable Color Palettes** across the application, the document, and export as a file. [See it in action](https://youtu.be/I5lsO0IOp0w?t=1m57s)
+ Real-time gradients, effects, blend modes and adjustments – *This is more useful than it sounds*
+ Autosave & Snapshots
+ Extremely similar key commands as Adobe products

Everyone will probably nag at the lack there of plugins and that’s fine. Affinity Designer comes bundled with so much functionality I don’t feel plugins are a good end game personally.

I’ve become a fan boy of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I’m not affiliated with them at all. I just want to spread the word of this software. It’s pretty nuts everyone is stuck in *Sketch-land* when all this potential is available for both Mac and PC.

*Also, I still use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch in my workflow. Affinity is just leading the race for me.

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