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Welcome back Ember, it’s been too long.

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We stopped working on Ember 1.x some time ago due to its high-development cost and declining sales. However, we continued to use it internally and we know a lot of designers out there are still using it.

It’s been our plan to slowly work on Ember as a side project and hopefully bring it back to life (mainly because the alternatives are still not up to scratch).

You may be asking yourself why Realmac would bring Ember back now, and why they’d make an announcement before they were ready? Let me explain.

Why now?

This week Apple released macOS High Sierra and unfortunately this broke Ember 1.x for a lot of people, it left them unable to view or add to thier Libraries. Internally we’ve been using a development build of Ember 2 that runs just fine under High Sierra. However it wasn’t really ready for public consumption, and it’s still not, but it is usable.

To help out those users that have made the move to High Sierra, we’ve decided to release an early build of Ember 2 (more on that below).

Ember 2 will be free to use for the duration of the alpha/beta phase, and development will be slow (remember this is a side project, as RapidWeaver is our primary focus). However, as we use it internally, we’ll make sure it continues to work and hope to ship a fully featured and stable 2.0 GM release sometime in 2018.

In the meantime, we’ll push out new builds as and when time permits.

Note: If you are using macOS 10.12 Sierra you should continue to use Ember 1.8.5.

Download Ember 2

Please be warned this is an in-progress snapshot of our work so far. You are free to use the alpha of Ember 2 with all the usual caveats that come with running in-development software.

This Alpha does not represent the final version of Ember 2, the UI and feature set will change. This is very much a work-in-progress snapshot.

Lots of things in Ember are broken right now, but the main library management and annotations tools should work just fine.

Yes, I understand and still want to Download Ember 2 Alpha 1.

If you intend to move from the current version of Ember to the Ember 2 alpha you’ll want to follow our “How to migrate your Ember Library help article“.

Again, please remember this is a super early alpha build and as such things will not work as expected and are subject to huge change in the coming months.

That’s all for now

So, in short Ember for macOS is still alive. Version 2 is showing a lot of promise but it’s far from finished. It’s free to use for everyone and we hope to have a GM release somtime in 2018.

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