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Vector shapes in Flinto 2.2

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26 April 2017

Flinto for Mac 2.2 is now available. Be sure to install the updated Sketch Plugin.

Flinto for Mac now supports text! Type and edit text directly in Flinto for Mac. Editable text also comes through when importing from Sketch. This is a powerful text tool with all the features you’d expect like character spacing, line-height, text transformations, multiple styles, underline, lists and more.

Best of all, the size and color of text are now animatable properties.

You can now draw and edit vector shapes directly in Flinto for Mac. This is amazing for quickly mocking up a UI, animating it, and getting it onto your phone in minutes!

Shapes can have a single border and a single solid fill along with a drop shadow. You can animate all those properties including the position of vector points!

You can also set the border percent, and animate that too to create effects where a border appears to be drawing itself.

Our updated Sketch plugin supports sending vector graphics and editable text to Flinto, and no longer flattens your groups!

Keep in mind that only text and shapes with supported properties will be imported as vector. For example, shapes with multiple borders will be converted to bitmaps because Flinto for Mac does not support that feature.

We’re thrilled to announce that Flinto for Mac is now localized in eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

We built a useful feature for repeating actions on duplicated layers. You can duplicate a layer by holding option and dragging it. Then pressing command+d will duplicate it again and move it by the same amount. What’s cool is you can actually fine tune the position by nudging the shape, rotating it or changing it’s opacity, then pressing command+d will duplicate all those operations.

The maximum zoom has been increased to 1,600%.

Each layer has it’s own local vanishing point instead of a global vanishing point per screen.

There’s a lot of talk about whether to design at 1x or 2x. In Flinto for Mac, you don’t really need to choose. You can choose PT mode and get the feeling of designing at 1x where 100% zoom shows a comfortable 1x screen size, or choose PX mode to see a large screen with actual pixels and design at 2x (or whatever the pixel density of your document is). You can switch between these modes at any time.

Also, if you drop a bitmap into Flinto that is 100px while in PX mode with a 2x document, it will be 100px wide. If you drop it in PT mode, it will show up at 100pt wide.

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