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Tiny Trend #7: Chunky, Overlapping Underlines

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Tiny Trends

1px underlines are so dated. Ew.

There used to be a time where you could just use use standard <a> underlines for links and then designers started getting annoyed that the lines would overlap characters that had descenders (way back from 2012). There are smart fixes for that today, but the other way to fix it is to just double-down on that overlap. WE’RE GOING ALL-IN, BABY.

Chunky, overlapping lines can be used for hyperlinks when the color is light enough. They can also be used as typographic decoration on headings, or to simply draw attention to particular words or phrases.

I have a feeling this is truly a tiny trend and will look clunky once we all get tired of it. But until that happens, lets take a look at some fantastic applications of this trend and bask in their chunky, overlapping goodness.

https://dribbble.com/shots/3111755-The-Big-Landscapeby Backchannelwired.comhttp://www.section32.com/ideo.comhttp://www.thegigi.it/

When I’m not underlining words with big, fat lines, I’m working on Sketch design tools at UX Power Tools to make you a better, more efficient designer.

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