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The Ultimate List of Product & Design Resources to Understand the Tech Ecosystem

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This post WILL NOT make you a better Product Manager or Designer. 
It WILL give you the resources you need to understand the conversations, perspectives, ideas, and people moving the world of product and design forward.
Bookmark this post so you can come back to it later!

Like most things worth reading and understanding, the best perspectives on Product & Design are scattered across the web and painful to track down.

Our goal is to help you tap into the collective brain of the tech ecosystem and help you better understand how your work — whether you build, design, sell, support, or market for a living — fits into the bigger picture.

To truly understand the ecosystem, consider going beyond just learning about the tactics of developing products, and develop a familiarity with the people and dialogue driving things forward.

To help you do that, this post aggregates the resources, communities, and people in Product & Design that form the foundation for the industry in which we work.

Note: There’s a 100% chance that important people and resources were left out. If you think that you, a friend, or a resource should’ve been included, please comment on the post with the missing twitter handle (or link) and the reason it belongs.

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📋 Table of Contents

📰 Newsletters
If your favorite form of information intake is the curated type, I've listed the newsletters that are worth making a part of your weekly (or daily) routine.
I started with a link to Noteworthy, our newsletter that helps anyone understand the ideas & people that shape the products we use every day.(Click hereto sign up and learn about the ideas & people shaping the products we use every day - and for early access to our new product!)
👩🏻‍💼👨🏾‍💼 People in Product and Design
There are so many brilliant people in the space either building, designing, investing in, or analyzing the products that push our world forward.
I’ve provided links to their Twitter accounts so you can keep a finger on the pulse of the industry and be audience to their conversations.
📔 Blogs
I’ve included the best blogs from and for product managers and designers.
If you care to understand the space, but don’t have the time to follow all the people and developments that move the Tech ecosystem forward, this is a good place to start.
🎧 Podcasts
If you’re especially dedicated and want to plug into the product and design ecosystems on your commute, I’ve included the podcasts that provide nuanced perspectives on the space.
🏘 Communities 
Whether you just want to lurk or actively contribute, you can find the community sites, and the liveliest Slack groups worth paying attention to below.
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📰 Newsletters

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Noteworthyis a weekly newsletter, by your’s truly, that helps everyone to understand the people, ideas, and motivations that shape the products we use every day.

Here are some of the other great reads:

  • Social Capital’s Alex Danco drops industry and product level knowledge bombs via A+ curation and a strong narrative that pull Tech and societal happenings together in Snippets.
  • The Daily Update ($) consists of deep, timely “Why” and “What’s next” analysis of Tech news. It’s from Ben Thompson, maybe the most authoritative voice in Tech industry analysis, and read by business leaders like Aaron Levie and howardlindzon.
  • If you have aspirations of breaking into product management, or sharpening your PM skills, Weekly Product Reads, curated by Kevin Lee is the authoritative destination for learning how to build great products.
  • Ken Norton’s Bringing the Donutsis asemi-regularmy aggregation of think pieces and job listings that are useful to product managers.
  • The UX Notebookis Sarah Doody’s “common sense” approach to UX that sheds light on thought provoking content for the people who ship products.
  • Sacha Greif’s Sidebar is a collection of the day’s five best design links.
  • UX Design Weeklyby Kenny Chen is a simple aggregation of UX articles, tools, and professional portfolios.
  • Benedict’s Newsletterby Benedict Evans is a thoughtful collection of Product stories, links, and a brief analysis on the things that mattered most to him over the past week.
  • Product Habits by Hiten Shah is an incredible weekly narrative that ties together the product-building content he creates on his blog.
1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png”>

👩🏻‍💼👨🏾‍💼 People in Product & Design

Product and Design Minded Founders

1*6OC33rR2sF3zzoUhlArLNg.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*6OC33rR2sF3zzoUhlArLNg.png”>

Follow all the founders below (and more who aren’t listed) with this Product & Design Founder twitter list.

  • Stewart Butterfieldis the CEO of Slack, wrote maybe the best post ever on Medium, and engages in fascinating discussions on twitter about culture, society, and cool stuff being built by the Slack team.
  • Hiten Shah is the Co-Founder of CrazyEgg, KISSMetrics, and Quick Sprout. He’s one of the most helpful people on the internet, puts out incredible content via Product Habits, and tweets often about actionable management and product tips.
  • Joe Gebbiais the Co-Founder and Chief Product officer at Airbnb, currently launching a humanitarian group within the company, and always sharing insightful thoughts about the future of communities and experiences.
  • Merci Victoria Graceis the former Director of Product at Slack, and currently founder of Women in Product. She tweets about UI, design, society, and opened up her DM’s to officer product advice to women and people of color.
  • Ryan Hoover is the Founder of ProductHunt during the week, spends his weekends as an angel investor for his new Weekend Fund, and regularly tweets about all things product and startup.
  • Brian Cheskyis the Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, and previously an industrial design student at RISD. (he occasionally writes on Medium about topics that are of interest to product and design folks!)
  • Dylan Fieldis the Founder and CEO of Figma, the collaborative interface design tool that’s quickly won the hearts of so many designers. Dylan tweets frequently about the Figma community, and design students who create awesome tools.
  • Joel Gascoigneis the Co-founder and CEO of Buffer. (he’s also an occasional contributor of Product-related posts to Medium.)
  • Tristan Walkeris the founder and CEO of Walker & Company. He tweets about design, society, and hot-button tech issues.
  • Jason Evanishis the CEO of Lighthouse, and frequent tweeter about communication and management skills key to success in product and design roles.
  • Josh Brewer is the Co-Founder/CEO of design workflow management tool Abstract. He tweets about everything from new design tools to social issues.
  • Dustin Curtisis the founder of Svbtle and a tweeter of all things tech and product. He’s incredibly networked, and offers unique perspectives that you can’t find elsewhere:
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  • Brian Lovinis the founder of community platform app, Spectrum, tweeter of valuable resources for designers, and co-host of the “Design Details” podcast.
  • Mike Monteirois the founder and creative director of Mule Design.He’s hands down one of the best follows on twitter, talks about design ethics, and questions the sacred cows that other people are afraid to touch.
  • Ben Thompsonis the founder of Stratechery, and his analysis of products and industries is possible the most respected in anyone in Tech.
  • Sarah Doody, founder of The UX Notebook tweets frequent, and awesome, UX tips.
  • Sacha Greif, creator of Sidebar, tweets about all things interesting in the world of UI design.
  • Des Traynor, co-founder of Intercom, shares insights about understanding users, interesting products, and jobs to be done.
  • Jared Spoolis the founder of User Interface Engineering and shares frequent UI & UX best practices.
  • Kevin Leeworks double time as the founder of Product Manager HQ and an early stage investor at Pear Ventures. He tweets about workflows, jobs to be done, product gamification, and company strategy.
  • Nathan Curtisis the founder of Eight Shapes, regular contributor of UX content to Medium, and regular tweeter about design systems.
  • Joshua Taylor, founder of social podcast listener Parrot, tweets frequently about design, society and podcasts.
  • Samuel Hulick, creator of UserOnboard, tweets about product strategy and tears suspect onboarding flows to shreds.
  • David Tintner, founder of Hacking UI, tweets about updates to product and design tools.
  • Avi Eisenbergeris the co-founder of Journal, and tweets regularly about products and the role design plays in society.
  • Ariel Seidman is the CEO of Hivemapper and tweeter of product-related gems like:
<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”500″ data-height=”185″ width=”500″ height=”185″ src=”/media/7857edb6d8eb2f83c4371f4f4298d03a?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”7857edb6d8eb2f83c4371f4f4298d03a” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F378800000603729476%2Fd34acdb6adad3a5b98ad29200175ba49_400x400.jpeg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

Product and Design Professionals

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See more product and design professionals in Andy SparksProduct & UX Designer airtable or follow everyone listed Product & Design Pros twitter list.

For tweets about product strategy:

For tweets about product design:

For tweets about product jobs:

For tweets about product growth:

Product & Design Minded Investors

1*igmz795K9IA4FohEiuX5rw.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*igmz795K9IA4FohEiuX5rw.png”>

Follow all the Product/Design investors below and ones who aren’t listed with the Product/Design Investors twitter list.

  • Jess Leeis a partner at Sequoia Capital. Before that she was a PM for Google Maps. And before that, she moved from product manager to VP of Product to CEO at Polyvore.
  • Connie Chanis a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. She works closely with startups, and spearheads the firm’s Asia network helping companies navigate Asia opportunities. Before a16z, Connie worked at HP, leading its webOS efforts in China, and before that as the product manager for App Catalog and developer portal for all webOS devices at HP.
  • Michael Seibel is a full-time partner and CEO at Y Combinator. Before YC, he was the co-founder and CEO of Socialcam and Justin.tv, which became Twitch and sold to Amazon for just short of $1 billion.
  • Megan Quinnis a General Partner at Spark Capital, focusing on growth investments. Before Spark, she served as Square’s Director of Products and held leadership positions at Google over 7+ where she oversaw the development and launch of Google Maps.
  • Kate Aronowitzis a partner at GV. Before GV, Kate built design teams at eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Wealthfront.
  • Ashley Carrollis a partner at Social Capital. Before working at social, Ashley led product teams at DocuSign, Optimizely, and SurveyMonkey.
  • Daniel Burkais a design partner at GV, where he helps portfolio companies with branding, product design, and product strategy. Before is work at GV, he created the Firefox brand and led design at Digg.com among other design work.
  • Ben Blumenfeld is a Co-Director at Designer Fund where he works with designers to build companies that have a lasting, meaningful impact. Previous to Designer Fund, Ben led design teams at Facebook and Varien.
  • Francis Pollara is a Venture Manager at Luma Pictures. Previous to Luma, he mentored startups at Techstars and consulted for Live Nation.
  • Josh Elmanis a partner at Greylock where he helps companies design, build, and grow consumer products. Before Greylock, he was a product lead at Twitter, worked on the platform at Facebook, and led the launch of Facebook Connect. He was also an early employee at LinkedIn and helped establish early models for user growth.
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Click to read the thread

  • Jay Zaveriis a partner at Social Capital where he makes early stage investments. Before Social, Jay was the founder and Chief Product Officer of CloudOn which was eventually bought by Dropbox.
  • Tomasz Tunguzis a Venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures and daily blogger. Before joining Redpoint, he was the product manager for Google’s AdSense social-media products and AdSense internationalization.
  • Ken Nortonis a partner at at GV where he provides product and engineering support to portfolio companies. Before that he led product initiatives for Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Mobile Maps. He also writes a ton about product management (Bringing the Donuts newsletter below!)
  • Hunter Walkco-created seed stage VC firm Homebrew. Before that, he led consumer product management at YouTube, and managed product and sales efforts for AdSense.
  • Satya Patelalsoco-created seed stage VC firm Homebrew. Before Homebrew, he built and led Product Management teams at Twitter, and ran AdSense product management and partnerships.
  • Kevin Roseisa venture investor at True Ventures and serial entrepreneur. Previous to that, Kevin founded Digg and Revision3.
  • Arjun Sethiis a partner at Social Capital. He formerly led growth at Yahoo, was the co-founding CEO at MessageMe, and the CEO Lolapps.
  • Sarah Tavela General Partner at Benchmark. Before becoming an investor, she led product for the Discovery team at Pinterest.

Outstanding Design and Product Writers on Medium

1*uBEJpcZKuXoFUyPknL3gMg.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*uBEJpcZKuXoFUyPknL3gMg.png”>
  • Bo Ren’s thoughtful takes on product and culture in Silicon Valley have earned her 4k+followers, and her mot popular post has 1,800+ claps:
  • Tanner Christensen’s commentary on design processes and side projects. His writing is read by his 9k+ followers, and his most popular post earned more than 2,800 claps:
  • Dan Wolchonok writes to his 900+ followers user retention and feedback, and his most read most popular post sits near 300 claps:
  • John Vars’ audience of 1k+ followers reads his articles on the challenges of product management and team leadership. His most popular post has 500 claps:
  • Braden Kowitz is a ⭐️ of Medium, followed by more than 13,000 people. His article range in topics from storytelling to granular design tactics to design interviewing. His writing is a must read, and his most popular post has more than 1600 claps:
  • Laura Klein’s tremendous writing has won her a loyal audience of 3.5K followers. Her most popular post earned her a thunderous round of applause of more than 1,200 claps:
  • Jason Toff also writes about the important role storytelling plates in product and design. His audience of nearly 6k followers clapped for his most popular piece nearly 3,000 times:
  • Daniel Schmidt’s posts on product management principles are read by his nearly 600 followers, and his most popular post has 200+ claps:
  • Ha Duong’s nearly 1.5k followers eat up everything he has to write. Whether the post is about growth, design, or international startups, if he’s written it, it’s worth checking out. His most popular post has 160+ claps.
  • Brandon Chu is another high quality Medium writer. His posts range from discussions about minimum viable products to the importance of prioritization in PM roles to general decision making processes. His most popular post has a deafeaning 3,000+ claps:
  • Demian Borba’s musings on design thinking and user empathy are always well-received by his more than 2K followers. The post a top his leaderboard has more than 800 claps:
  • Charlie Deets’ writing on adaptive design, doing good by your engineers, and design workflows have amassed him an audience of more than 4,000 readers — and his most read post has a whopping 1500 claps:
  • John Cutler is one of my personal favorites on Medium. His posts on product management processes are straightforward and brutally honest. His most popular post brought the house down with more than 4,000 👏s:
  • Jennifer Aldrich’s insightful posts about being a woman in the Tech industry, UX vs. UI, and good vs. great designers are definitely worth your time — and here 10k+ followers would likely agree. He most popular post is nearing 700 claps:
  • Jake Knapp is taking some time off from writing for Medium to write a book, but I’ll speak for all 23,000 of his followers in saying, “I can’t wait until he’s back!” His most popular post has 5,000+ claps:
  • Jonathan Z. White’s 15k+ followers enjoy his posts on everything from mastering design fundamentals to becoming a frontend hero, and everything in between. His most clapped-for post made people slap their hands together more than 6,000 times:
1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png”>

📔 Blogs

Ranging from thinking that shapes products to industry commentary to user onboarding best practices to design thinking and everything in between, these blogs are the sources to rely on for a strong understanding of the space.

1*0eaZLKMiMG0YhNLeAPgZ4g.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*0eaZLKMiMG0YhNLeAPgZ4g.png”>

🎧 Podcasts

1*nl1j5u52j2OqLQLed2HTfA.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*nl1j5u52j2OqLQLed2HTfA.png”>

Exponent episodes feature conversations between hosts Ben Thompson and James Allworth, in which they discuss tech, society, and the most Stratechery Weekly article.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/a6e111d8f5759ac8efee43f19c7f3821?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”a6e111d8f5759ac8efee43f19c7f3821″ data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000089000608-a9nayz-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

AngelList Radio episodes feature Tyler Willis interviewing angel investors in billion-dollar business to help listeners learn about investing.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/b9ab990db4135f2ae2443cb745f6972a?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”b9ab990db4135f2ae2443cb745f6972a” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000186864366-d33x6i-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

This Week in Startups episodes feature hilariously straight-shooting angel investor jason interviewing founders and investors about “the best, worst, most outrageous and interesting startups and stories” happening in the tech world.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/4470bfbb3b6dccc8bed9135187323f0b?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”4470bfbb3b6dccc8bed9135187323f0b” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000293623035-jlcwit-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

Inside Intercom episodes feature Intercom team members interviewing product management and design professionals at top tech companies for an inside look at how the sausage is made.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/69b26282cc817b99b704da22b6ddddf1?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”69b26282cc817b99b704da22b6ddddf1″ data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000237945231-a2p794-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

This is Product Management episodes feature Mike Fishbein interviewing top makers and doers, covering everything that a product manager needs to do her job successfully — from arts to science, tactics to strategies, and to confessions

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/df85f7a3a65a373b5901bb55397fa86c?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”df85f7a3a65a373b5901bb55397fa86c” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000327743036-8c3lhw-t500x500.jpg&key=4fce0568f2ce49e8b54624ef71a8a5bd” allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

a16z episodes feature Andreessen Horowitz team members discussing and interviewing relevant experts, founders, and thinkers across many fields and industries to color the picture around the larger tech ecosystem.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/f2fca964f6916d65bb347823fdd38e4f?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”f2fca964f6916d65bb347823fdd38e4f” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000073120599-46q7im-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>

Design Details episodes feature interviews between hosts Brian Lovin & Bryn Jackson, and the designers, developers, and founders who craft their favorite products.

<div class=”iframeContainer”><IFRAME data-width=”800″ data-height=”166″ width=”700″ height=”145″ src=”/media/7add5d1bdff3d2156a95857b2d59b1fc?postId=3d734f9c1a22″ data-media-id=”7add5d1bdff3d2156a95857b2d59b1fc” data-thumbnail=”https://i.embed.ly/1/image?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi1.sndcdn.com%2Favatars-000117478085-wiepew-t500x500.jpg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07″ allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″></IFRAME></div>
1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*w-Pi3mJzCka4ADz4JRoT0w.png”>

🏘 Communities

1*xXIsed0carZukj3O0MH5vg.png<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2000/1*xXIsed0carZukj3O0MH5vg.png”>

1. Product Hunt

What can I say about Product Hunt that hasn’t been said?

When it comes to communities built around products and the people who make them, Product Hunt is in a league of its own.

In a few short years they went from mailing list to thedestination for discovering and discussing new products, and were acquired by AngelList. In addition to Producthunt.com, the company (shout out to Niv Dror!) does an incredible job curating share-worthy stories in the larger product and design ecosystem via their twitter and Product Hunt Daily newsletter.

2. Hacker News

Similar to Product Hunt, Hacker News has a reputation that precedes itself. It’s the model on the internet for high quality comments and discussion. It takes a step beyond things related only to tech companies, and encompasses any and all topics that would gratify the intellectual curiosity of product and design people.

Kale Davis curates the hackernewsletteroffshoot, and Rik Lomas built a Hacker News twitter bot that features the site’s latest news.

3. Designer News

Designer Newswhich falls under the Tiny umbrella, follows in the mold of Hacker News. The links, stories, and job posts that are closely tied to the work that people in the design and larger tech communities are creating.

José Padilla created the The Hacker and Designer News Newsletter to cover the day’s popular links, and the Designer News botblasts out the latest design stories, resources, and jobs, on Twitter.

4. Dribbble

An awesome source of inspiration for designers, Dribbbleis a community site that connects design talent and sparks discussion around screenshots of projects shared by web and graphic designers, and other “creative types.”

Their Weekly Replay newsletterfeatures the community’s most popular product shots, and their twitter handle showcases the talented people behind the work.

5. Product Management HQ

Kevin Lee’sProduct Manager HQis the new kid on the block and quickly becoming a go to resource for people looking to break into product management jobs.

They host regular AMA’s with product leaders at companies like Airtable, Slack, and Shopify, offer a crash course for people new to Product, their Weekly Product Readsnewsletter curates product, UX, and process must-reads, and their twitterfeatures any important posts that the newsletter may have missed. Keep an eye on them.

6. On Deck Daily

TheOn Deck Daily community is new to the scene, but has already been the home to thoughtful conversations about startups and technology led by massive names in Tech like Eric Ries, Semil Shah, and Ryan Lawler.

Created by the super group of Nick Frost, Erik Torenberg, Alex Shye, and Ben Tossell you can expect On Deck Daily to continue to make waves. The On Deck Daily newsletterhas quickly become a regular read, and the On Deck twitter account highlights interesting quotes from their deep dives on Tech.

7. Design Driven

When you find yourself in New York, FirstMark Capital’s Design Driven is the design, product and UX community worth checking out.

They are 10,000 members strong and regularly feature product/design leaders at companies like Squarespace, Kickstarter, Harry’s, Trello, and many more.

8. Mind the Product

James Mayes’s Mind the Productis the “world’s largest slack community for product managers,” and hosts meetupsfor its 50,000 members in 125 cities.

9. Slack Groups

  • The Product Coalitionis a 1,000 product-person Slack group that is home to discussions about all things related to product management.
  • Product Manager HQis home to 4,200+ members, and conversations that range in topic from design to UX research to product events to book clubs to live AMAs.
  • Designer Hangoutis a UX community on slack where 10,000 designers and researchers across the globe discuss all things user experience.

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