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The Ultimate Base of Product & Design Resources

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There are amazing resources for Product & Design all over the internet, but that makes it hard to find all the best people and publications to help you master your work in tech. This base is designed to help make finding and organizing those resources easier.​

The base is modeled off an article I wrote for Journal‘s blog, Noteworthy. It aggregates some of the best people and publications in Product & Design roles throughout the tech ecosystem. The people are sorted by the kind of tech roles they have, making it easy for you to find whatever sort of advice you’re seeking at any given moment—from a product designer’s blog, to a tech investor’s twitter.​

But there are so many great people and publications in tech, and this base is by no means comprehensive. So take it just as a starting point: a framework for building up your own knowledge about Product & Design. Explore the people already listed, and grow the base with whatever other resources you discover along the way!

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