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The state of UX according to autocomplete

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Believe it or not, the difference between UX and UI is still one of the most searched topics of all time.

Google Search’s autocomplete functionality can tell us a lot about the zeitgeist around a certain topic. The suggestions it offers when you start typing your search query are based on what other people have been searching for — and the more you start digging into it, the more interesting the suggestions get.

So I’ve decided to collect a few of those screenshots as it pertains to the things we usually write about here at uxdesign.cc, namely “UX”, “Usability”, “Interaction Design” and popular search queries around these topics.

The result was quite interesting.

It’s 2017 and the good old “UX is not UI” debate still seems very popular.My favorite: “UX is not”. I’ll leave you with that.Well, I’m afraid the results might be a bit disappointing on this one.Some good comparisons here.We’ve always known that.If you’re looking for UX books, search no more.Yes, yes, yes.No it’s not.Let the battle begin.Usability vs. usefulness can become a great post. Anyone?UX as a verb.What the heck do they do, really?All of the above.I guess I’ll pay more attention to how I dress moving forward.stat?event=post.clientViewed&referrerSou

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