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The Lettering Resources I Use to Improve – Jordan Napper – Medium

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As much I would love to the one-stop shop for all things hand-lettering on the internet, that’s just not the case.

This may come across as a negative but the reality is that is super important to learn from a wild range of sources. If you only gather your information from one source then you just end up copying what they do, you won’t have your own unique style or voice.

Lettering is in a bit of a boom period now and the beauty of that is that there is a heap of great places to learn about lettering. Every one of us who does lettering, whether we have been doing it for months or years — do it differently.

This is a crucial part of the art form. Like I mentioned just before, if you only get your information from one other source then you end up just copying them, but if you spread out and consume from multiple sources all that information becomes jumbled up in your head. What you then create from this mess of information slowly becomes your unique style and voice over time.

So in my post today, I am going to list my favorite places that have helped me become a better letterer. Some of these are free blogs like mine and some of these are paid courses, and like my blog if you invest the time into learning and applying the information you will become a better lettering artist.


Sean McCabe of Seanwes

Sean McCabe has been a huge resource for me with both lettering and business know-how. Not only would I recommend the Learn Lettering Master Class (link) that I went through, but I would also suggest the podcast, which is packed with value for both business and general motivation.

I went through the master class which, while costly was 100% worth every penny. I don’t want to say that it changed my life, but it did completely change the direction I was heading in. Not only did it teach me basic lettering techniques but also the business know-how on how to make a living as a hand lettering artist.
If there is one course you buy this year, make sure it is this one.

Almost forgot to mention that the introduction class is free, so go grab that!


Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective

Scotty doesn’t just do lettering, he does what he calls illustrative lettering. A combination of lettering and clever little drawings that when combined enrich the message — either making you think, laugh or generally just make you feel better.

Scotty’s blog has a rich backlog of content on tips and tricks on how to improve your lettering and art game. Having moved away from teaching art, Scotty has found his voice motivating, inspiring and helping creatives with their daily struggles.

So, if you are interested in lettering and staying filled with good energies then this is the stop for you.


Dina Marie Rogriguez of Letter Shoppe

Dina has been a recent internet find and I am super glad I did. Her unique way of doing things has helped me refine my processes, improve my lettering and encourage me to keep moving forward.

The backlog of blog posts is not just about lettering but are backed up by practical business advice that can help you grow and achieve more from your lettering. I am still slowly combing my way through the posts, as each one you end up reading and then figuring out a way to apply what you just learnt.

If you have an hour spare then I would highly recommend spending some time floating around her website.


Masters of Calligraphy

If you are interested in more traditional lettering or calligraphy then I would highly recommend this book. It takes you through every style that has been thought of from gothic bold to script watercolours.

This one of the first books I got when I first started doing lettering and had an absolute blast learning the different styles and techniques.

Hand to type

I love books with heaps of pictures and this one is packed full of them. The authors managed to gather some of the biggest names in the business and ask them about their work and processes.

It is always good to see how season veterans of the industry go about their work and to see their thought processes.

If you enjoy seeing refined work and beautiful lettering/ calligraphy then this is the book for you.

That should be enough resources to get you started with. There are so many great places that you can learn from and more and more popping up each day, and hey – if you would like to know more of my resources and current obsessions, send me an email and I’ll be happy to go on. It really is a great time to be a lettering fan.

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