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The Best Prototyping Tools for Every Level of Fidelity A list of prototyping tools for specific task…

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Jun 20


One of the most common questions I am asked is “which tools do you use to build your prototypes”. My answer is usually a slightly unhelpful: “Whatever I need for that specific product.” I’m really not passionate about any of these tools guys!

Though that answer is true, I do have some go-to apps I use for specific prototype types.

As always, you can skip the reading bit if you just want to watch the video!

1. Basic prototypes (“Easy peasy”)

For simple, high fidelity prototypes that do not require a lot of animation. Just transitions between screens.

I use:

  • Sketch for the screen design
  • Invision to stitch and share the prototype (I don’t use the collab stuff). Invision is sort of the workhorse of prototyping tools, it does pretty much everything you’d need for building and testing a prototype, without needless complications.
  • Craft Plugin for Sketch to make the process between Invision + Sketch more simple.

Another option:

  • Adobe XD. It’s pretty much all three of the above products crushed into one product. I haven’t used it enough to give you a clear recommendation but it’s looking promising.

P.S. Please don’t comment “I use paper…”, I’m talking about digital prototypes here. Smartass. 👄

2. Rich media prototypes (“Whoa, now it’s gettin’ tricky”)

Prototypes with video, sound and animation.

I use:

  • Flintio. It’s pretty simple to use, easy to add video and sounds if you need to simulate something a little more complicated. The only BAD THING is that it’s not as easy as Invision to share and test with people as you need to have the flinto app installed. (With Invision or XD you just share a link).

3. 100% realistic prototypes (“Why did I agree to building this”)

Prototypes with video, sound realistic, native animation, possibly some logic.

I use:

  • Framer is insane. You can pretty much 1:1 simulate any digital product experience you can imagine. It’s mostly overkill, but it can make sense sometimes when the experience simply has to look and feel real… or when I want to get a client REALLY excited.

What do you use?

That’s what I use for my prototyping work at AJ&Smart, what do you use? Who are you? Why are you here?

Thanks for reading! ❤️❤️❤️


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