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The Actual, Real-World Phases of Design

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If it goes any smoother than this, YOU’RE LYING

What follows is a detailed account of a standard design project with a new client. The ups. The downs. The expletives.

If you happen to be a client of mine, this is 100% a joke and I totally didn’t write this while I was supposed to be designing screens for you.

I promise.

  1. Pre-Discovery (client describes their vision): “This is a terrible idea.”
  2. During Discovery: “…alright, this is kinda cool.”
  3. Post-Discovery: “Wait, wasn’t this on Product Hunt like last week?”
  4. Brainstorming: “Omg, am I Jony Ive?!”
  5. Wireframing: “Huh, this is the first time I’ve used this moleskine!”
  6. Whiteboarding, instead: “But seriously, how is my handwriting going UP the wall?!?!”
  7. Document Setup: “Layer naming? More like Layer LAME…ing.”
  8. First Three Hours: “I should quit design.”
  9. Hour 4: “Meh, I’ll just do this tomorrow.”
  10. Six days later: “SHIT, THE MEETING IS TOMORROW!”
  11. 1:00 AM: “I am not a smart man.”
  12. 2:15 AM: “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.” — Monet
  13. 3:27 AM: 🤤
  14. 3:28 AM: 😴😴😴
  15. 1-Hour Before Meeting: “Hey Siri, find me design jobs in Indianapolis.”
  16. 5-Minutes Before Meeting: “I HAVE DONE IT!”
  17. Client Walks In: *closes all tabs and evidence of last-minute working*
  18. During the Presentation:

19. After the Presentation:

20. Production Design: “OH GOD, NOOOOO!”

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