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Symbolicons Pro: Your friendly, versatile, go-to icon set. Over 2,000 thoughtfully designed icons th…

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If you use the internet, then you’ve probably stumbled across Symbolicons. They’ve been used in various capacities by companies you know and trust, including Instagram, Dribbble, Authentic Jobs, Gumroad, and more.

And the time has come to breathe some new life into them. I’m heading back to the drawing board, with the goal of creating the largest update to Symbolicons ever: over 2,000 unique icons in 66+ categories. I’m calling it Symbolicons Pro.

Your support of this campaign will allow me to spend the dedicated time needed to create, refine, export, and tag all of the new icons in Symbolicons Pro.

  • Over 2,000+ carefully crafted icons
  • 66+ categories for easy searching
  • An incredible discount off the ultimate price
  • Access to all icons well in advance of the public release
  • Free updates for life
  • Your choice of T-shirt design
  • Custom Icons: there are two reward levels for agencies and startups.
  • Stretch Goal: the addition of a line-style weight for all icons

Thank you for your help!
Jory Raphael 

Symbolicons Pro will contain over 2,000 icons spread across 66+ intuitive categories. You’ll always have the icons you need. There will be icon-for-icon matches with all existing Symbolicons icon sets.

The icons in Symbolicons Pro are being designed from scratch on a 24px grid and contain just the right amount of friendliness while also being perfect for professional applications.

The core of Symbolicons Pro will contain must-have stock icons, while each additional category pack will deepen their value.

I’ve already begun organizing an categorizing the icons in Symbolicons Pro. With over 66 categories, Symbolicons Pro will quickly become your default icon set. Perfect for any, and every, industry. 

Each Symbolicons Pro license contains access to all icons in the following formats: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH), SVG, and multiple sizes of PNG. And for the first time, Symbolicons will be available and optimized for IconJar.

Symbolicons Pro are perfect for when you need crisp, clean, and solid UI icons. Every icon is a stylistic match to every other icon, so you can be certain your design will be cohesive.

Go beyond UI and use Symbolicons Pro on packaging, promotions, and more. You can also use Symbolicons Pro as illustrative elements, and bring a sense of whimsy to your designs.

I’m also creating two special-edition shirts. Here’s your chance to get the T-Shirt shirt, and the brand-new Skull shirt in either black or a Kickstarter-exclusive green!

Your support will fund the time needed to:

  • Create all 2,000+ Symbolicons Pro icons in Adobe Illustrator
  • Organize icons into thoughtful categories
  • Name and tag every icon (this takes a loooong time)
  • Import and organize icons in Sketch
  • Import and organize icons in Photoshop; create .CSH files
  • Export multiple sizes of PNG
  • Export and tag icons for use in IconJar
  • Update Symbolicons website to house new icons
  • Create new Roboticon animation
  • Stretch goal: create Symbolicons Pro in a line-style weight

By backing this project, you have your choice of multiple reward levels. From single icon category packs, to an entire custom category all your own.

2x Double Goal. If the fundraising goal doubles, every backer will receive their icon sets with an entirely new weight of Symbolicons Pro. That’s right, I’ll design an additional 2,000+ icons from scratch in a clean outline style. The first 100 icons in this line style have already been designed, and are being created entirely with strokes, so you can easily change line weights.

Thank you!

A successful Kickstarter campaign means I'll be able bring my icon-making robot – and everybody's best friend – Bob the Roboticon, out of retirement.A successful Kickstarter campaign means I’ll be able bring my icon-making robot – and everybody’s best friend – Bob the Roboticon, out of retirement.

Risks and challenges

I have a decade of experience designing icons, and have designed and produced multiple icon sets. You can see more of them here: http://symbolicons.com

The biggest challenge associated with a project of this scale is time. By reaching the fundraising goal, I’ll be able to dedicate myself to designing and delivering Symbolicons Pro on an accelerated timeline. And because this is a digital product, backers will receive their rewards immediately upon completion.

Printing and fulfillment of the t-shirts is being handled by Cotton Bureau.

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