With design-to-code tools on the rise, Supernova offers a new way to translate your design elements into native components that can be deployed as a real working app.

Design to Code

Supernova works with prototyping tools such as Sketch and Adobe XD, enabling you to continue designing with your favourite tools. When importing designs, Supernova will automatically recognise and prepare all assets that will be needed for your app.

Sketch and XD Integrations

The Sketch integration lets you import Sketch files without needing Sketch at all. You don’t need to prepare your layers or do anything special, just get hold of the Sketch file. Here’s a video example of it in action:

It’s similar for Adobe XD, check it out on the Supernova site.

united design and development. All design elements are backed by native components and translated into a production-ready, clean code for iOS, Android, and React Native.

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