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New Logo and Identity for Stripe done In-house

(Est. 2010) “Stripe is a set of tools for building and running an internet business. We help businesses accept payments from anyone, anywhere, and build new kinds of companies like Lyft or Kickstarter. Internally, we say our goal is to increase the GDP of the internet — we want to bring more businesses online worldwide.”

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New Logo and Identity for Stripe done In-houseLogo.


Update: The post has been edited to only reflect the logo change. The other materials have been removed at the request of both client and previously credited design firm. Since I had to update the URL, all comments have been lost. We’ll all survive.

As a Stripe customer, I have always liked their logo (although I would enjoy a proper uppercase “S” for it)… in part because it’s such a smooth service with a kick-ass interface and functionality. It wasn’t the greatest logo, for sure, but it’s chunkiness, shortness of the word, and combination of characters worked in its favor. The changes to the new logo will probably go unnoticed by most customers but they are all great, small improvements that make a more cohesive, compact unit. The angled tittle ties the angle cuts nicely and adds a good point of distinction from other wordmarks. The color palette may first come across as a hipstery range of gradients but I appreciate that it’s derived from banknotes from around the world. The applications are very bland, especially in contrast to how much livelier the website is, but maybe it’s just a matter that these are renders and not real things. Overall, a subtle but strong evolution for the logo and a sweet range of gradients for applications.

Thanks to Aaron Pou for the tip.

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