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Slack custom emojis in Zeplin 👊💥

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Did you ever find yourself typing : on Messenger, Skype or any other app, to use a custom emoji you have in Slack? This is a nasty habit—a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

As a distributed team between Istanbul and San Francisco, our primary communication tool at Zeplin is Slack. We’ve been using it religiously for a while now and have a vast collection of custom emojis, as you can guess. We’re addicted to them!


A fair reaction to Zeplin’s recent shortcut change in Sketch!

Reviewing a pull request on GitHub, we type :mind_blown: yet it’s not there. Messaging a friend on Facebook, we look for the party parrot but no, it’s not the right app.

A while ago, we set out to fix this within Zeplin and it’s here! When you connect your project to Slack, you will be able to use all your custom Slack emojis within Zeplin.

Enabling Slack custom emojis on Zeplin

Using your custom emojis in Zeplin is pretty straightforward. Add your Zeplin project to a Slack channel as you always do and the emojis will be listed as you type : on any field like notes, screen descriptions and commit messages.


If you already added your Zeplin project to Slack, you will be prompted to reconnect it, so that Zeplin can access the emoji data.

We love emojis and have been having so much fun with this feature over the past few weeks — can’t wait for you to try it.

Cheers! 👋


Zeplin is a connected space for product teams where they can share designs, generate specs, assets and code snippets, tailored for iOS, Android and Web.

Story time

One of the custom emojis we use all the time in Zeplin is :kop:, meaning party hard in Turkish. It’s essentially a wiggling face cutout of our teammate Muhammet, pasted on a picture of an excited kid. We use it a lot for different purposes, in place of 😂, 👍 and even 🤔 occasionally. This emoji was one of the biggest motivations behind this feature!


:kop: in action

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