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Resizing Table and List with Sketch 45 (1/2)

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Resizing Table and List in Sketch App 45

Part 1/2. Use Group Resizing and Dynamic Symbols.

The table is the best UI component of displaying a lot of listed data in an organized way.

Visual Guide

How to create a responsive Table in SketchApp.

This Medium post is inspired by the Reony Tonneyck Article Resizing Tables with Sketch.

Like Reony, I have designed many tables this year. The worst part is definitively append when you need to resizing them for diffrent screen size.

Sketch 44’s brand new make an upgrade to Group Resizing Feature (Sketch 39). Now you have a more powerful and flexible resizing controls.

Take a look to Atomic Design: Atomic design is methodology for creating design systems. by Brad Frost.

  • Cell is Atom
  • Row is Molecule
  • Table is Organisme

Create Tables

👉 1 Start your Sketch from the Smallest artboard.

For my project, my smallest artboard is 7″ an horizotal Android tablet (960×600).

👉 2 Create a cell (Atoms).

Set fix left, fix right and fix height to the text box

Tips : set the ligne heigth to your text box like this :

Box Height (40px) - Padding * 2 = Text Box Line Height

I use 8pt grid :

You have nothing to set for the cell background.

You have nothing to set for the cell background.

👉 2 Convert your cell into a SketchApp Dynamic Symbols (Atoms) and duplicate it.

Convert your cell into a SketchApp Dynamic Symbols

👉 3 Create a row (Molecules).

Row is a group of cells.

Row = X * Cell

Set Fix Left, Right and Fix Height for the group.

👉 4 Convert your row into a SketchApp Dynamic Symbols

In your symbols page edit the row to sort your cells: First at the top Last at the bottom.

👉 5 Duplicate row (Molecules) to create the content of your table.

👉 6 Create Header and Footer.


Set fix top, fix left, fix right and fix height for the header


Set fix bottom, fix left, fix right and fix height for the footer.

Create Cell type

Create left align and right align cells.

Sketch Symbols are powerful

Resizing Tables

We want a consistent 8px padding in each cell/column (8px grid).

What we can do is add a 8px wide rectangle on each side, representing the fixed padding.

Select those rectangles, and change the Resizing property fixed border left and right.

Resize the Artboard

In Sketch 44’s you have a new menu to select multiple Artboards. You can also easy switch from one size to an other.

Next episode : Add Color, Design, UI to your table.

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