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Powerful Start in Sketch Strong Foundations for your Sketch Workflow

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As a designer, you need a solid process to make your workflow efficient. It’s even more crucial when you’re starting, because you can avoid a lot of inefficient, time-wasting bottlenecks. One of the things that set Sketch apart is the sheer amount of plugins and resources. It’s the openness of the Sketch file, which is universally supported and well-integrated into other apps. Comparing Sketch’s base features to other design tools is like comparing the iPhone’s specs to other phones. You forget the ecosystem, which is what makes Sketch so special.

Abstract, InVision and Framer are just some of the widely popular third-party apps that support Sketch first. This is a big deal. Just like the iPhone’s ecosystem, having access to these incredible extensions first will make your workflow ten times more powerful, flexible and up-to-date. Most importantly, it’s driven by an active community that constantly seek to better their workflow. As a result, you constantly solve pain points with new plugin releases, and refine your workflow with better techniques.

This section assumes that you’re already familiar with Sketch. We’re going to focus on the workflow. If you wish to learn the basics, I suggest heading to the Learn Sketch page. Also, this page is an overview of the entire workflow. If you wish to learn more about any of these topics, there is a section dedicated for each of them.

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