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Learning every day as a Designer

UX Planet — Medium | Quovantis

Creativity is a peculiar thing. To everyone, it looks like as if you’re blessed with an artistic gene, but only you know that you aren’t doing anything extraordinary.

You feel both humbled and embarrassed when you get appreciated for your work. You feel like an impostor as you know that work just naturally happened and you didn’t have to put in a lot of effort for it.

When I look back in time and think what prompted me to choose this career 13 years back, I can only remember one reason. I always wanted my work to be practical, diverse, something that can help me think out of the box. Something with which I can help people do their job better.

So that’s how my journey as a designer started. I wanted to make digital projects better. The prospect of impacting someone’s life positively through design looked enti...

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