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Introducing Timeline for Sketch

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Create beautiful timeline animations in Sketch

📣 We are delighted to announce that we are launching a pre-sale for a very exciting product that will empower designers, change the everyday workflow of many of you, and bring us one step closer to fulfilling our vision.

💪 User experience can be improved by orders of magnitude by having beautiful animations that enhance the look and feel of products. With our new product, designers will be able to create beautiful timeline animations in Sketch, and export them to GIFs or videos.

Today we are announcing our new product: Timeline for Sketch

☝️ What is Timeline for Sketch?

Timeline is a simple and powerful Sketch plugin that enables you to easily create beautiful Timeline Animations for your Websites, Mobile apps, Newsletters, Banners and more.

Just as our previous products, we’re putting great effort into making Timeline intuitive, easy to use, with no steep learning curve.

Creating animations inside @sketchapp 🚀 Testing the alpha version of “Timeline” from @AnimaApp Looks promising! https://t.co/qvUjOh06dg

 — @pablostanley

As well as a simple walkthrough video:


💰 In order to fund the development of Timeline, we are launching a pre-sale — with the goal of raising $20,000 in 14 days.

💃 We are extremely excited about the possibility of creating advanced animations directly in Sketch. If you are excited as we are, head over to our pre-sale website and get your early backer license. As an early backer you get 50% off for an annual license (first year).

🔥 Timeline annual license is $79. As an early backer, you’ll get it for only $39.

In order to get to our goal, we need 512 passionate designers to back this product.

Are you one of them? If so, head over to https://timeline.animaapp.com

⏱ Project Milestones

  • Early January 2018 — Pre-Sale Starts
  • Late January 2018 — Super Backers invited for early access
  • March 2018 — Public Launch


  • Q: What is Timeline for Sketch?
  • A: Timeline is a Sketch plugin that enables you to easily create timeline animations directly in Sketch.
  • Q: Where can I use these animations?
  • A: The animations you create using Timeline can be used in websites, banners, blog posts, newsletters, Facebook ads, and more
  • Q: To which formats can I export the timeline animations?
  • A: At first the supported formats will be GIF and MP4.
  • Q: How are the funds being raised going to be used?
  • A: Developing Timeline requires months of hard work of engineering. The funds raised by the pre-sale will support the development of the product and make it possible. If the goal of the fund raise by the pre-sale is not going to be met, then it will mean that we won’t be able to complete the development of the product and all the funds are returned to the backers.
  • Q: When will Timeline be ready?
  • A: Timeline will be released to our Super Backers by Late January 2018 and to the general public on March 2018.
  • Q: Who is the target audience of Timeline for Sketch?
  • A: Professional designers that wish to enhance user experience by creating beautiful animations for websites, apps, banners, buttons, ads, and more

Thank you for reading, looking forward for an amazing 2018!

The Anima Team 👋


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