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Introducing Dropbox Professional: Powerful tools to showcase your work

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A screenshot of a showcase made using Dropbox ShowcaseMore and more people are choosing to work for themselves, whether as business consultants or creative pros. But doing everything yourself can be a challenge. Putting your best foot forward isn’t always easy, and dealing with all the busywork—like managing files and sending follow-up emails—can eat into your creative flow. That’s why we’re launching Dropbox Professional, a new plan that lets you store, share, and track your work from one place. It’s designed specifically for independent workers, and it comes with two new features: Dropbox Showcase and Dropbox Smart Sync.

Dropbox Showcase: A simpler way to create and present

Showcase gives you a new way to present your work in a single, professionally branded page—a great tool for designers, salespeople, and marketing pros. Instead of burying your work in a pile of links or email attachments, Showcase lets you tell a story. You can add visual previews, customized layouts, and informative captions, so people can see the right content, with the right context, in the right order. You can also add your logo and an introduction to make your brand shine through. A user selects files to add to a showcaseWhat’s more, Showcase lets you track how people interact with your work, so you can see things like who has—and hasn’t—taken a look. Instead of following up with countless emails, you can rest easy knowing exactly what your clients have seen.

Stop worrying about hard drive space with Smart Sync

With the new Professional plan, we’re also making Dropbox Smart Sync available to individuals for the first time. With Smart Sync, you can choose to store files online-only, so they take up practically no space on your hard drive. You’ll still see your files right from your desktop, and any time you need to edit a file, it’s just a click away.A user chooses to store a file online-only using Smart Sync
Get more control, security, and support

In addition, Professional gets you 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space, priority chat support, and extra sharing controls—like password-protected and expiring links. You can also see detailed viewer history, such as when someone last looked at a file.

We created Dropbox Professional to help reduce the busywork, so you can focus on the work that matters. Learn more about Dropbox Professional or sign up today.
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