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Introducing DesignBoards.io – Medium

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Lorenzo Bocchi

Creative Director at @friendly_agency. Best UI Designer of the Year and Judge at @cssdesignawards

A Collection of Responsive WebDesign Solutions.

The essential part of your creative (web design) process.
DesignBoards.io is something totally new.
There are many websites dedicated to pure inspiration, competitions, blogs, galleries. This is not one of those.
We created something that makes your daily creative process easy by providing the best deconstructed and filtered designs to give you exactly what you are looking for.

New websites are published every day and it’s hard to keep track of trends, styles and visual patterns.


DesignBoards.io – Directory

DesignBoards.io has been created to answer a very simple question: How can I design this solution?

As a Designer, I’ve been stuck many times during my process.

The process is the same for every project I’ve worked on. When you design a new website, you start with your own ideas but how do you move forward if you have designer’s block? What if you only had one visual reference and end up copying it?
Too many times I’ve been asking myself the same questions:

  • What was that website with that super cool full-screen navigation?
  • What if I cannot find it anymore?
  • What if it’s not online anymore?

DesignBoards.io is the answer: you can easily find hundreds of different visual solutions for a single problem.

Looking for a specific design pattern? You can try your luck and Google it. Or have one single place where the best websites have already been deconstructed and every design pattern divided into visual categories.

DesignBoards.io simply and essentially showcases the best of UI Elements and Interactions, all conveniently divided into specific categories. It’s a massive design database with solutions for web design that is constantly up to date.


DesignBoards.io – Navigation > Fullscreen

DesignBoards.io is growing and will continue growing in the coming months.

It’s all about the content and we are working hard to provide you the most powerful and sophisticated collection of web design solutions.
(Featuring the best of Responsive Web Design since 2017)

Your Feedback is important for us, please use the Google Forms if you have any recommendations or suggestions.


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