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Franklins first day. Welcome!

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Franklins locate and select four links of hip hop every Friday. There’s a lot of hip hop being published every day. Franklins will attempt to collect the four tracks of highest quality every week.

Read more about why here or scroll down for this weeks music.

This weeks theme is Atlanta, the city where all of the weekly artists originates. The city has been the epicentrum of hip hop for a couple of years. 2 Chainz released his album this Friday and it was epic. 2 Chainz was a doctor student prior to rapping. The group Brockhampton released a ridiculously fantastic album last week. They are a collective of about 5-9 people. Little is known about the full list of members. Sahbabii is another up and coming Atlanta rapper, with co-signs from Drake, Young Thug and more. Prior to this single his previous releases has gone so bad he now has a bald spot on his head due to stress, according to himself. Last but not least, Young Thug is one of the most popular Atlanta rapper today and he released a new album this week. He didn’t show up for the scene for one of his music videos once, something which still didn’t prevent the director from shooting it.

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