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Designers fury over unpaid graphic design role

Creative Bloq | Kerrie Hughes

Working for free or for ‘exposure’ is a sore subject in the design community, but, sadly, one that crops way too often. This morning, designers all over the globe are infuriated by a career listing from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), which asks for graphic design volunteer

The SAHMRI website describes the role as ‘a great opportunity for a Graphic Design student who wishes to  gain some great experience and start an exciting portfolio of their work’. It goes on to include a detailed list of requirements and key attributes the ‘lucky’ applicant should have.

The volunteer agreement attached to the job listing also clearly states:

“The Volunteer Graphic Designer at SAHMRI is a volunteer position. This means that you perform all duties on a voluntary basis, of your own free will, and you will not receive payment for your work. You are not...

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