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Talks on the uncharted territories of design & creativity.

What do conversation, inclusivity, virtual spaces, and ethics have to do with design? Everything.

Introducing Design Is […], a speaker series that brings respected innovators from a broad range of fields to Google for a public monthly talk to engage in a discussion on the future of design and creativity from a variety of perspectives. As the field of design and the notion of creativity continue to expand and change, we want to create a space for a dialogue about supporting the creative process, ethical design and designing a future that we all want to be a part of.

Design Is […] kicks off today in Google’s San Francisco office with VUI Design Lead Nandini Stocker. Today’s event is full, but you can follow coverage of the series on Medium for details on upcoming speakers, video (posted a week after each event), and information on how to RSVP for future talks in the series.

Speaker Schedule

Design is [Helpful]

Nandini Stocker, Google
The Speech Interface
March 30, 6pm · 301 Howard Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

From Star Trek’s Computer to Jarvis and Samantha, Sci-Fi has promised us a world integrated with seamless voice interactions — where speech technology is synonymous with artificial intelligence. Yet, our current reality has a lot of catching up to do. Does anyone doubt that we’ll get there eventually? What’s slowing us down? This multi-media presentation will explore these gaps and identify what’s getting in the way of realizing such a fantastical future.

Part of Google’s Conversation Design standards team, Nandini has created voice experiences for Google’s 50+ business units, in 60+ languages and 120+ countries. She is passionate about helping people find help and making voice interfaces more accessible. Nandini also believes the secret to realizing our potential for speech technology in human-to-computer interactions is by honoring the core, evolved rules of human-to-human communication.

This event is now full

Upcoming Talks

Design is [Human] · Gretchen Anderson, PG&E · April 2017

Design is [Inclusive] · Senongo Akpem · June 2017

Design is [Ethical] · Jessica Helfand, Design Observer · July 2017

Design is [Smart] · Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy, Google · August 2017

Design is [Immersive] · Marsha Haverty, AutoDesk · September 2017

More details and speakers to be announced soon.

Kai Haley, Interaction Designer & Sarah Wilson, Creative Lead @ Google


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