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Collection of Random Comics

Design Thinking on Medium | Pablo Stanley

Here’s a pile of different vignettes that I’ve been doodling over the last month. Some of them are design related, some are not. This is like when the Simpsons use clips from past shows to make a new episode or when Rick and Morty flip through channels on the interdemensional cable for a full episode. It’s basically a way to publish something when you’re being lazy.


Taking Criticism

I want to be like the chill naked dude on the right at every design review.

Tips on how to become a better designer.

Sometimes we need other people to tell us exactly what not to do.

Dumb, right? Anyway, you should totally check out my Medium Posts, my Design Meetup, and my YouTube channel!

It’s ok.

When you get stuck, when something crashes, when you feel like it’s just too much… just remind yourself, it’s all gonna be ok 🙂

I was fortunate enough to have someone to say these words when I was starting as a very confused UX designer. Thanks, Oktay 🙂

How to be a leader 101

Yeah, even the people in charge of your paycheck are confused as hell 🙂

When my team doesn’t invite me to a meeting.

Worst thing is that when they do invite you, you feel like it’s such a waste of your time.

Designer Superpowers!

What are YOUR superpowers? 🙂

Getting Ready

You gotta be prepared for those Design Reviews!

Staying healthy!

It all balances out at the end.

Riding the muni

Just a vignette of the Design Team riding SF’s preferred public transport.

Band practice

These designers are super talented.

Drinking coffee 101

Paul is such a snob. Oh, and he got a hipster haircut!

Summer nights in SF

Obvious and tired joke if you live in SF… but it’s oh, so real.

The Design Team

I try to have a new comic every other week at thedesignteam.io. This post is just a collection of vignettes I share on Twitter. Follow me in case you want to get them when they’re fresh 🥖

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I’m Pablo Stanley. Among many things I work at a startup called Carbon Health where we’re reimagining healthcare. I also have a YouTube channel with tons of design tutorials.

Muchas gracias.


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