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Collapsing Stacks, Fixed Position & More

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Launchpad & Auto-Layout 0.8

On our mission to empower designers, we are continuously pushing the envelope on what designers can achieve without writing code.

On this update, we introduce 2 new features for Auto-Layout, one for Launchpad, and a few more improvements.

👌 Fixed Position

Launchpad allows you to publish websites directly from Sketch, no coding required. We keep adding visual tools in order to give you more and more power without the need to program or deploy it.

Today’s new feature, Fixed position, allows you to set ‘floating’ layers that does not scroll with your website content. This is great for menus, navigation headers, call-to-action footer and more.

How to

  • Select a layer
  • Press ‘•••’ button in the panel
  • Set Fixed Position
  • Use Auto-Layout Pins to pin the layer to the corners

The ••• displays the More menu —then Select ‘Set Fixed Position’

👐 Collapsible Stacks

4 months ago we’ve introduced Auto-Layout Stacks. Stacks has a similar behavior to CSS Flexbox. Layers in a stack are automatically arranged vertically/horizontally, and has a constant spacing from each other.

Since it was released, thousands of designers became fans of stacks, and we’re getting suggestions all the time on how to make it even more powerful.

We’re adding a new feature to stacks — Collapsing Stacks.

Collapsing Stacks

It’s pretty simple:
When you hide a layer, or override a symbol to ‘none’, the stack will ignore it while rearranging the other layers.

🎁 More Improvements

  • You can now move our panel outside of the inspector.

  • Ability to add custom meta tags (See image)
  • Ability to add custom ‘font-family’ fallbacks (See image)

Meta tags & Font-family fallbacks located in the plugin menu

  • Panel will now hide on ‘Presentation Mode’
  • Better support for Google Fonts
  • Sketch 45 Compatible

Every week we are rolling out a new set of exciting features. To make sure you stay up to date with the latest on Launchpad —

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