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Coaster for Mac

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Coaster makes it easier for you to search for photos from the massive library of free stock photos on Unsplash. Download, copy to clipboard and do more with a simpler interface on your Mac.

  • Easy access to the high-definition photo downloads

    Download the high definition version of your favorite photo with a single click, right into your Mac.

  • Copy photo to clipboard to quickly use in any applications

    Don’t need the HD version? Copy the regular size photo and paste it into your favorite applications

  • Update your desktop with beautiful photos everyday

    Choose from variety of high quality beautiful photography on Unsplash. Update with a click of a button.

  • Easily drag and drop photos into your favorite app

    Quickly see how the photos fit with what you’re working on before getting the full HD version

  • Coming soon

    Organize and manage your favorite photos for later

    Add photos to your favorites, group them, and organize them for later. You don’t want to lose them next time.

  • Coming soon

    Discover more photos from curated collections

    With human-curated collections, you will be able to browse even more relevent photos from a single search.

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