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Buttondown is the best way to start and run your newsletter.

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I’ve been writing newsletters for years but struggled with the friction and unpleasantries of other tools.

Each time I wanted to send out a new email, I had to do so much stuff:

  • Had to manually convert my Markdown (and make sure the HTML that got spat out was kosher)
  • Had to manually check all of my images and links to make sure nothing was broken
  • Had to send it at exactly the right time (after sending myself a dozen test emails, of course)
  • Other stuff I’m probably mentally blocking out due to sheer annoyance

It was the worst! I got sick of doing all of that, and all of the hassles stopped me from doing the fun part: writing a great newsletter.

I wanted a simple, pleasant tool that took all of that annoying stuff off my plate. So I built Buttondown.

Buttondown stays out of your way and handles the annoying stuff so you don’t have to. You probably have your own place where you like to write — I like iA Writer, personally — so Buttondown lets the word processors handle the word processing.

If you just want a place where you can copy and paste some Markdown or HTML, send it to a bunch of people, and be
on your merry way, confident that it looks good and nothing explodes — this is the solution for you.

Buttondown is designed with one guiding principle above all others:
it should be easy to send great emails. That’s why we support Markdown, image uploads,
link checking, and more all out of the box.

Whether you’re building up an email list for your new startup or just growing an audience for your writing,
the best part of a newsletter is that your content ends up in the inboxes that matter. Buttondown makes it
easy for you to track
who’s reading your emails with tags, analytics, and visualizations.

Buttondown’s focus is on ease of use and pleasantness over richness:
if you need heavy automation or complex layouts, this is probably not the tool for you!
And that’s okay: I designed Buttondown specifically for the folks like myself, who want an elegant interface
that makes running a newsletter feel more like play than like work.

Buttondown supports embedding your subscription widget in publications like Medium and WordPress,
making it easy for your readers to subscribe quickly and making it easy for you to grow your reach.

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Buttondown for Professionals

Buttondown is free for you to start building and sending a great newsletter, but some customers want
advanced features that let them customize and enhance their newsletter. If that’s you, you might be
interested in Buttondown for Professionals.

Buttondown for Professionals is the same great product, with a couple extra perks:

  • Custom domain support
  • Custom redirect URLs
  • Whitelabeling
  • Priority support

Buttondown for Professionals is only $29/month, making it a perfect fit for businesses of any size.

Moving to Buttondown is painless

It can be frustrating to move from one platform to another.
Migrating old emails, subscribers, and settings might seem like a hassle.

Don’t worry — I will do all of that for you, free of charge.

Seriously. Buttondown has builtin migration tools as well, letting you upload your exported data from TinyLetter and Mailchimp,
but if you want, I will do that myself! Concierge onboarding. That way, all you need to is focus on the important part — writing a great newsletter.

And that’s not all.

  • 🌟   A nice, pretty subscription page. (There’s also an embeddable widget and a REST endpoint, if you’d prefer that.)
  • 📰   Newsletters are all automatically published to an RSS/ATOM feed.
  • 🔎   All sent emails are viewable on the web, forever. (If you want.)
  • 🔐   Everything on Buttondown is exportable, to CSV or JSON, at any time. You own your data, not us.
  • 🙈   Buttondown will never sell user data or use it for advertising or anything gross like that.
  • 📈   Basic email analytics: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, all of that. (You can opt out of all of this if you want to.)
  • ✅   Automatic proofing of your newsletters: nothing’s worse than accidentally hitting ‘send’ with a typo or a broken link.
  • 📅   Schedule your posts so you can fire off a bunch of stuff at once.

We’ve also got a public changelog and a public roadmap, if you’re interested.

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