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Accelerate your workflow with InVision + Trello and InVision + Confluence

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When you have clearer, deeper context about your project, you can make better design decisions. And when your whole team experiences that context together, the possibilities are endless.

Atlassian’s suite of products and tools is used by teams worldwide. We launched an integration with Atlassian’s JIRA earlier this year to bring more seamless continuity to your team’s end-to-end workflow, and today we’re excited to share 2 new powerful integrations in partnership with Atlassian, to bring both increased context and better collaboration to all your projects.

Introducing InVision + Trello, available now in the Trello marketplace.

Trello and InVision help teams work collaboratively to get more done, faster. By embedding InVision prototypes in Trello cards, teams will be able to see the most recent work on all their projects, from the platforms and apps they use most. Simply paste an InVision share link in the Trello card attachment to generate a live, real time preview right where your team is working. Directly view project comments, launch Inspect to gather code, and easily preview your work.

Get InVision + Trello

Introducing InVision + Confluence, available now in the Atlassian marketplace.

By streamlining communication and collaboration, InVision and Confluence are making it easier for teams to build better products. Users can quickly embed their InVision prototype directly into Confluence for easy feedback and documentation.

This time-saving integration is beyond simple:

  • Grab a share link from your InVision prototype you’d like to include
  • Open a Confluence page in edit mode, paste the link and click publish

That’s it! A mini-prototype will show right inline, along with handy links to Preview, view comments, and use Inspect to generate working code.

Get InVision + Confluence

Like all InVision share links, the design and details inside will always be up to date, completely in sync with your current project (goodbye dated assets in threaded email chains!).

You and your team can easily view and discuss your projects without ever leaving Trello or Confluence, and make faster decisions without having to navigate a dozen browser tabs. That means easier project organization, faster decision-making, and ultimately—better products.

Both integrations are available now in the Trello and Atlassian marketplaces. Go grab them now!

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