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5 Little Feature Requests from a Sketch Power User

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Just to make our lives (and our friends’ lives) a little bit easier.

First off, this is not a passionate memoir about what Sketch is doing wrong, or “how dumb their product team is for not having thought of these things already”. They’re doing so many things right as it is, and I continue to be impressed with each new version.

This is just a little list of ideas I’ve collected after talking to lots of Sketch users, designing thousands of screens, and writing long tutorials.

If you’ve read any of my articles or seen my side project UX Power Tools, you’ll know that I’m all about efficiency. Symbols, Styles, Hotkeys, Templates…basically anything that makes me a little bit faster, a little bit smarter, or a little bit more consistent.

So these ideas seek to bolster those aspirations. Maybe I’ll print out this article and mail it ...

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