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The future of farming is in collecting and analyzing big data in agriculture in order to maximize efficiency. Our website design is for the digital production optimizer that monitors agricultural activities, collects and analyses data, and uses it to boost growth. The goal was to come up with an innovative design of the website with elements that go beyond one dimension.


Our main focus was on the website to reflect data-rich systems and digital planning tools. We focused on creating a seamless web user experience to let the user discover more about technological innovations in agriculture and get that “live” and colorful feel to the overall aesthetics. Client`s references helped us to define the visual direction we had to follow.


We made a potentially dry subject of big data more approachable to the audience. Bold typography and color matching helped the design to look vibrant and “live”. Zajno team produced great visuals. We used 3D elements that make the general picture considerably more voluminous and complete.

Many thanks @[1468665:Igor Pavlinski] and @[721524:Sofy Dubinska]. Appreciate your help.

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