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Like I had mentioned last week that I was gonna release some shots of my current ongoing project Wayfarer. It’s a simple animation of the website of Wayfarer. I wanna keep the interactions & animations as simple as possible like in the IOS concept. I’m trying to push new concepts & models while working on my projects. In the last months I was very busy thinking about current design systems and how I can improve the deadlocked “UX” mind. While the UX is still the most important aspect when it comes to developing websites and apps, many people are ignoring the fact that good design is Aesthetic.

Rams said –

“The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products are used every day and have an effect on people and their well-being.”

As technology advances we have much more possibilities to play around and realizing neat projects. While of course taking care of UX, we should not forget what this is really about. Inspiring people, empower users and simplifying their lives through beautiful, usable experiences and the most important thing: actually enjoying what we are doing. While studying “the 15 best UX examples” and grid systems don’t get stiff. Don’t limit yourself, get out there and try something new. Understand your users and create something rad!


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