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I’m pretty pumped to have had the chance to do the landing page redesign for the @[1750468:United Designers] Slack community! There are attachments that show the full page and some of the form elements.

Some of the things we wanted to highlight:

– Stats from the Slack group to show our activity.

– A feed of the work of some of our members on Dribbble and links to UD articles on Medium.

– Most importantly, the application form for people to join us.

Logo: @[1448976:Logan Bingaman]

Copywriting/Editing: @[1278296:Maxy Lotherington]

Development: George Sumpster

And thanks to all the others in the group that helped out with feedback and positivity!

Definitely check out the @[1750468:United Designers] team page and all the work over there. Join us at http://uniteddesigners.chat/

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