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Published on Renegade Collective | Bridget de Maine

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Minimalism, simplicity, downsizing, streamlining… all these stripped back, bare-bone concepts have us gripped. The ever-popular tiny house movement is proof of the fact that in a world of “more” and “now” and “busy”, there are more than a few of us who are enticed by the idea of a sleek, simple home, in which surfaces are smooth and clutter-free and our space is as sparse as our diaries.

Naturally, then, the announcement from Japanese design store du jour Muji releasing a pre-fab home was met with more than a little excitement.

muji 5Muji Hut, released in August is a minimalist’s dream. With an interior at a comfy yet compact nine metres squared, the space can accommodate up to four people to chill in, especially considering the high ceiling, porch space and large sliding door allowing ample light inside. Traditional techniques from Japanese shipbuilding craftsmanship have been applied to the structure, with burned outer hardwood cladding and inner walls made of Japanese cypress plywood. The hut, which will set you back ¥3,000,000 (just over AU$36,000), has no current plans to be sold outside of Japan, but isn’t this worth moving to Japan for?

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All photos via Muji.

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